I just couldn’t think of a title, but guys, I’ve been bizzy at work – like all day busy and it reminds me of the old days.  Even though I know it will go back to boring when I finish this project, I love the feeling that I am actually contributing to the firm other than making people food, hot coffee drinks and emptying out the dishwasher!

It was a glorious morning.  I was up at 6:30 and out of the house by 6:45!  I was only going to do 2 miles when I realized that I time to squeeze in an extra mile.  Um, do you think my first mile I was still a bit sleepy?!  Actually, that first mile is almost all uphill – it’s a slow incline but a pretty big incline from beginning to end before getting on to flatter ground.  Check out my third mile time – I actually jogged a bit of it!

6.23.15 014

I had my spinach/cheese/egg white microwaved egg topped with homemade salsa, some diced potatoes and the best watermelon I’ve had all summer.  Wish I could eat buckets of it – but it really spikes my blood sugar all by itself.

My co-worker forgot her gym shoes, but said she’d be fine in flip flops.  She was, but it’s hard to walk that fast but three miles is still three miles no matter how long it took us – we did end up picking up the pace thorugh!

6.23.15 028

Lunch was just leftover pot stickers.  Not as good as the night before because the crispy bottom goes away, but I ended up putting them on a paper plate with a tablespoon of water, putting another paper plate on top and then kind of re-steamed them in the microwave – still tasty though!

6.23.15 016

I took this picture near the window in the kitchen and when I put it on my desk, I stepped away for a moment and when I came back my boss said “why didn’t you tell me you were going to order Chinese food, I would have ordered some!”  Yes, my pot stickers do look and taste restaurant worthy, but after working with me for ten years she should know by now how my fucking lunches look, no?!  She is a Lean Cuisine lunch eater and the other day I took her dish out of the microwave and I’d be hard pressed if that Lean Cuisine was more than five bites of food.  Crazeballs.

I had pre-vacation errands to run after work!  Pick up contacts – check.  Pick up insulin – check.  Go to the thrift store for more shorts – double check!  Here is how I pack when going on a trip.  I make triple sure that I have all the things that would be a pain in the ass to replace while on vacation – medication/contacts/power cords, etc.  Once I know I have those things packed I pretty much figure if I need anything else I can buy it on the road.  You’ll know that when I went to college I just used hefty garbage bags to throw my shit in and just stuffed them in the back of my parents car.  My sister packed for college like she was going to not be home in four years at all!

I did pick up this t-shirt because it was only $1 – screams me!

6.23.15 022

Hannah was working last night so I made a dinner only Jacob and I would love.  I would call this plate “50 shades of khaki” because it is all one color, but the flavor was good – sauerkraut, twice baked potato, corn on the cob and pork chops.  Jacob loves pork as much as I do – yeah!  After one bite I told him “Hey Jacob, ya know what?  Pigs taste good!”  He must think I am completely nuts – but in a good way!

6.23.15 023

So check out my steps – even without my after work workout!

6.23.15 027

And I have read the messages on my app, but for some reason it keeps telling me I have 28 friend notifications.  I may have to google that to reset it.

A couple more link love shout outs today!  My friend Shauna was one of the other cooking finalists in the Extended Stay America cooking contest I did last year.  She blogs at Have Yourself a Time and has the most genius way of making FIVE MINUTE guacamole that I am sorry I didn’t think of it a long time ago.  Mom, you’ll love this method!  My Mom just recently started liking guacamole.  I don’t think she even tried it until she was 70!  Check out her method here.

My friend Nicole, who I have yet to meet in real life but we keep meaning to meet one way or another when she is back in the Chicago area, made a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad of ricotta toast. RICOTTA TOAST!  How could I have not had ricotta toast before in my life?  Screams summer, and truth be told, I could have that with a glass of wine and call it dinner.

It may be stormy later today, and while I should head out this morning to get my walk in, I am a bit stiff so have opted to do 30 minutes of Classical Stretch before work.  I will hit the gym at lunch if the weather doesn’t permit walking outside.  Only THREE more days of work before vacation!  But who’s counting?!

Make it a great day!