I now sleep the way I love.  Window open, breeze blowing over my face and under all the covers.  The only tiny problem with that is that our black curtains are open so I can feel the breeze, and well, the sunrise is now around 5:45 in the morning and the light wakes me up.  But I actually don’t mind.  I woke up around 6:15 and laid around looking outside and easing into the day for about 20 minutes.  It was glorious.  I got my walking shoes on and I was out of the house by 6:50 – nice!  It was super foggy – love that there was both a bird flying away and a boat on the river this morning for the top pic!  As I walked over the bridge of the channel, I got my first sight of fish swimming – they are like giant carp – I am not sure anyone eats the fish in the river though.

PicMonkey Collage - walk am

I still had plenty of time to stop by Hannah’s work to pick up my almond milk cappuccino with one splenda and a touch of cinnamon.  My breakfast may look like a bit of dog food topped with chopped baby spinach and hot sauce, but what I have there is two fried eggs over 1/2 a cup of Bush’s baked beans topped with a bit of Cabot cheese THEN with chopped baby spinach and hot sauce.  After that picture was taken I just chopped the eggs up so I had a bite of everything.  It may look like a hot mess, but it’s a delicious hot mess.

PicMonkey Collage - bfast

My co-worker ended up walking with me at lunch which was nice!  We both kept our sandals on – it wasn’t until I saw this picture when I downloaded it that I wished I had a longer second toe – ha!

5.6 016

5.6 017

It was 72 degrees and glorious!  It wasn’t until later last night that I realized I got sunburned after our 50 minute walk.  Damn!!  And you are welcome in advance for the boob shot. Open-mouthed smile

5.6 066

I ended up making another day old Jimmy John bread panini with cottage cheese on the side for lunch.

5.6 028

Poultry was on sale at my store last weekend.  I got a turkey breast for $1.49 a pound and chicken thighs were only $1.29 a pound.  We had the grilled turkey with mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner – the chicken thighs were for Jacob’s lunches later in the week.  Grill once – cook twice is my motto!

5.6 043

And what better way to grill than with a beer in hand – my first Summer Shandy of the season!

5.6 038

I started out with just the turkey breast on the grill.  I marinated the turkey in 1/2 a cup of Newman’s Own light balsamic dressing, then a quick salt and pepper before hitting the grill.  After about 20 minutes I added the chicken thighs.

5.6 053

5.6 058

5.6 064

The turkey was so juicy and tender!  Sadly, Hannah’s dinner mostly consisted of mashed potatoes and green beans – although she did have two bites of the turkey, so at least she tried.

Wednesday night is my night off of strength training so it was nice to come home and sit outside while grilling and catching up with Hannah and Jacob.  I still managed to do pretty good on my steps thanks to my morning walk though!

5.6 067

So I need to buy a new gas grill and I am torn.  I love my Weber which is what I’ve been using so far, but it’s 20 years old and while it does the job, I am thinking a: buy a new Weber because they are only $99 and still keep an eye out for a good gas grill.  Or b: buy a gas grill/charcoal combo.  The Green Egg is WAY out of my price range, but was just wondering what you grill with?  Do you grill?!  Why DON’T you grill if you don’t?!

Off to get my morning walk in – make it a great day!