Lately I’ve noticed that I have an “orb” in some of my pictures on some of my walks.  

PicMonkey Collage

I am sure it’s just a reflection of the sun, or some explanation on how it gets in the photo, but I like to think it’s Tony following me on my walks.  Sappy, I know, but I like it.  One of Tony’s favorite shows was Ghost Adventures.   We would watch that show together and he would say “see that orb?! That’s  ghost coming back!“ I’d just roll my eyes, but having never had them in any of my pictures before, I think it’s Tony’s way of proving his point with me in the afterlife!

4.15 011

Breakfast was a taco panini on a Flatout bread – inside was scrambled taco meat, egg whites, spinach and Cabot cheese with a side of fresh fruit.  Later in the day I was thrilled when Beef Pros regrammed my breakfast from over the weekend.  It was just me and Jacob because Hannah was at work, and I knew he had a long day of work ahead of him, so I said “do you want steak for breakfast?!”  He didn’t have to think twice about that!

4.15 012

It was 70 degrees when I left to take my lunch time walk.  Across the street from where I work is farm land and it’s really peaceful walking there.  Just a mere 10 minute walk from my office and you feel like you are in a whole different place.

4.15 014

I actually think I could live on a farm.  Getting up early to tend to the chickens and get the eggs.  Maybe milk a cow or two.  Just for the record, I will not be going on a Farmers Only dating site anytime soon!

4.15 021

Lunch was leftover beef and bean chili over 1/2 a cup of whole wheat pasta with chopped baby spinach and Cabot’s extra sharp cheddar.  I’ve tried nearly every variety of Cabot cheese, but I think the extra sharp is my favorite.

4.15 032

The kids and I had talked about maybe going to Wok n Fire one night for dinner over the weekend, but never made any concrete plans.  Hannah texted me and said “is tonight the night we are going to Wok n Fire or are we having leftovers?”  I think that was her way of saying “Mom, can we go to Wok n Fire?”  So we had an impromptu dinner out.  Remember, it’s all about balance!

4.15 037

Wok n Fire has Sapporo on tap – one of Tony and my favorite beers, and not many places have it on tap.  If you follow me on Instagram (my bizzy kitchen) you could see the cool slo-mo video I made of the beer!)

Because I am in the middle of my protein challenge and because they don’t advertise their nutrition, I went with my gut and got two items: the yakitori beef – I ended up eating two of the three skewers:

4.15 041

The beef was perfectly cooked but for me, the star of the show were the seared ahi tuna wontons with micro greens, a spicy mayo and eel sauce.  I ate 4 out of the 5.  I tried to get the kids to try at least a bite, but they politely declined.

4.15 043

4.15 045

When I told Hannah that I was ordering that she said “you would eat that?”  I have Tony to thank for getting me not to be such a picky eater.  The first time he made me ahi tuna at home and it came to the table like that saw red in the middle I looked at him and said “could you just cook it a bit more for me?”  He tried to explain that it was cooked, and to just try it like that, but visually I just couldn’t do it.  What he brought me a few minutes later was ahi tuna that was grey from top to bottom, and after taking a couple bites I said “I am sorry, I don’t care for it” and he said “it’s because you had me cook it to death so of course it tastes like shit!”

But this was perfect – the crunchy wonton, the pepper crusted tuna with the greens and seasonings.  I put a little bit of the shaved carrots on top of each wonton and added just a squeeze of lemon on top.  Swoon.

When we left the restaurant is was only 6:45!  The sky was amazeballs.

4.15 051

And when we got home we just sat outside until it got dark and cold.  It was the perfect hump day evening.

4.15 057

Then the kids went to Starbuck’s (for I think the second time that day) and I watched American Idol – I still think Clark is going to win the whole thing.

Yesterday I got an email saying that my “Featured Foodie” post was up at All Copycat Recipes – they had asked me over a month ago if they could feature me, there are several of my copycat recipes on that site, but I am running out of time and I will link to them later.  You can read the featured post here.  The picture they chose was the one I had done at the Chopping Block – a year and a half ago!  So I kind of look the same now I think?


And even without my evening workout, I still got some decent steps in:

4.15 001

Alright, I have exactly 20 minutes to shower, get dressed, put my breakfast together and out the door – totally doable!  Make it a great day!