I hardly ever eat sweet stuff for breakfast, just because my palate wants savory and salty.  But when we found a French bakery on Duval street that sold that mornings pastries for 50% off, we stocked up for breakfast the next day.  I picked out this apricot pastry – holy balls was this insulin worthy!

key west 500

We walked around and shopped a lot.  We passed by a house that is the oldest house in Key West.  A prominent family with nine daughters lived in it.

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We went into one of the bedrooms and I noticed that I could get cool pictures through the mirror – kinda cool!

PicMonkey Collage - mirror

I saw this book behind a rope, but I sneaked over to get a peak at it – dated December 2, 1842!

key west 531

Once we toured the somewhat small house for 11 people, I asked where the kitchen was and she said that the kitchens were almost always outside, so as not to heat up the house.  I can’t imagine cooking in the Key West heat in this tiny kitchen.

key west 534

key west 533

We made our way to the Hemingway House – he actually hand built the brick structure all around the house.  There are lots of steal beams reinforcing it so it doesn’t fall over.

key west 558

We took the unguided tour and just walked around.   The wrap around porch was amazing.  The last picture on the right was a building behind the main house, and the second floor was his writing studio.

PicMonkey Collage - hem

There were lots of cats!  We probably saw a dozen or more roaming around the property.  This one didn’t mind if anyone got up close and personal – it’s one of the six toed cats!

key west 580

key west 600

Later that afternoon we got on our bikes and went to the beach.  I brought some of Tony’s ashes with me.  While Key West wasn’t specifically one of the places Tony wanted to be spread, it is where we had our honeymoon so it was sentimental to me.  I walked by myself to a rocky area, reached in my bag and let him go.  I don’t know how to link a youtube video in a post, so you’ll have to click on the link below.


Not going to lie, that was hard.  I was trying not to cry.  I turned around to get off the rock, and right in front of my eyes was this rock.

key west 754

It’s my broken heart, but I feel Tony had something to do with it being right there for me to see.  I still cry myself to sleep at night.  Just something about laying down by myself just gets to me and after distractions all day, settling into bed always is a smack in my face that he’s not here anymore.  I will always love him.

I will leave you with these two pictures – thank you Mom and Aunt Martha for a great trip!  I thought I was done, but I have one more post tomorrow – the night Mom and I were by ourselves and probably one of the best meals we had all week!

PicMonkey Collage mom marty

Make it a great day!