Much like the rest of the world, I am sick of winter.  The snow isn’t really melting and right now it is 1 degree, with a wind chill of –10.  I feel sorry for my sister who has to take the train to her job in Chicago, the only part I hated about working downtown was when I had to walk 8 blocks to my office in freezing cold.

I had the second half of the breakfast sandwich Hannah made me from her work.  Look at all that glorious melty cheese!

2.12 001

I’ve been loving the cuties – I actually like to let them sit out of a while and the skin gets really dry, but then it bursts with flavor when you bite into it.

I ended up kicking up my cardio on the treadmill yesterday – incline of 15 for 2.25 mile!  I have to tell you, I really wanted to stop it, or go at a slower pace, but I told myself just to hang on until 2.25 miles, and guess what, I was able to do it.  Sometimes it really is mind over matter!

2.12 004

2.12 005

I made soup last weekend and ended up having that with half a grilled cheese sammie.  I think chicken noodle soup is one of Hannah’s favorite soups I make.

2.12 006

Work was.  Boring.  As usual.  The day felt like it was never going to end.  But when I walked outside at 5, I loved that it was still pretty light out – which means each day we are one day closer to summer.

2.12 009

It took me about 15 minutes to do strength, and while I wanted to end the day with a 5k, at 2.5 miles I could feel my blood sugar dropping like a stone, and I ended up having to buy a granola bar to boost up my sugar so I could drive home.  Damn sugars!

2.12 003

2.12 011

I declared last night, and probably tonight again, leftover night.  We have so much food that still needs to be eaten up.  Last Sunday night we ordered pizza, so I heated some of that up and made salads.  When I took the pizza out of the oven, then looked at my salad, I thought, why not use the pizza as croutons?! 

2.12 013

And then I realized that I was missing something, duh – Frank’s hot sauce!

2.12 015 - pic

I still ended up with decent steps yesterday:

2.12 003

So I had an interesting email yesterday.  I got an email from a sports writer from the Chicago Sun-Times.  He said that he read Tony’s obituary, and loved the fact that he liked to remind Cubs fans that they haven’t won a world series in well over 100 years, and that he refused to call the stadium where the Sox play, Cellular field.   He said that it perfectly summed up baseball fans in Chicago, and that he thought there could be a column he could do.  So he’s calling me at noon today to talk to me for his article.  As I was driving home from the gym, he emailed me and asked for any pictures of Tony in White Sox gear – um, I have dozens!  But I sent him these:

PicMonkey Collage - pic

The email asked that I send pictures to an editorial email address, and I got a return email saying they could use any of the pictures I sent and that the sports writer will use them in Sunday’s column!  Now I don’t know if that means this Sunday, or not, but I’ll let you know.  Tony would have loved it – I just wish he were here to speak for himself.  I miss that face so much.

hosp 5.26 044

For once in a long while I have nothing planned this weekend!  I am looking forward to being Bizzy in My Kitchen – I am entering another recipe contest for Sargento Cheese so plan to recipe develop tomorrow for that.  Also, my Sebastiani pizza contest I am a finalist in begins voting on Monday!  I’ll be sure to post the link as soon as I have it and would so appreciate your votes!

Have a great weekend!  Follow me on Instagram at My Bizzy Kitchen if you want to keep up with me over the weekend.   Make it a great day!