Sometimes I don’t know where my brain is!  Last week I mentioned I was giving away a free entrance to any Spartan race in the U.S. – entrance fees are anywhere from $60-$140 depending on the race!  I threw everyone’s name in a hat and picked a winner:

Submitted on 2015/01/27 at 3:51 pm

Good for you! I would love to do the race along side you in Milwaukee! I’ve never done one and always wanted to.

Gina – congratulations!  I’ll shoot you an email later today with the free entrance code.

I had my annual eye doctor appointment yesterday.  Happy to say that my eyes look great, no sign of diabetic retinopathy at all – woot!  I finally gave in and bought new glasses.  My old glasses are about 15 years old and are so scratched up, that I normally only wear them around the house.  They put these yellow drops in my eyes, and while my eyes are green/hazel to begin with, my eyes looked like this until almost noon!

2.4 001

Happy to say that my new glasses are trendy enough that I won’t be embarrassed to wear them to the grocery store!  On the way to work, I stopped by Hannah’s work and picked up a parfait for breakfast.

2.4 002

My trainer Zach, who I paid $9.99 to be my virtual trainer for my Spartan race for the next 12 weeks, has a plan.  Monday/Tuesday – strength and cardio, Wednesday – light cardio, Thursday/Friday – strength and cardio, Saturday – long cardio and Sunday is a full rest day.  So I ended up just walking 2.5 miles at lunch, no incline.

2.4 004

I made a zucchini and potato crusted quiche over the weekend, although I couldn’t find my pie pan so I made it in a square pan, so it isn’t as fluffy, but still tasty.  I picked up this hummus at Trader Joe’s and it’s hands down my favorite commercial hummus I’ve tried – even over Sabra, which is saying a lot!

2.4 008

I put the hummus on cucumber “chips” and toasted half a bagel on the side.  This was super filling.  Do you guys use the app Timehop?  It goes through Instagram/Facebook and tells you what you did a year ago on the same date, two years ago, etc.  I couldn’t believe this was four years ago already!

2.4 011

Of course we celebrated with food!  I am so happy though that Tony didn’t have to have chemo for his colon cancer.

One good thing about it being February, even though there is tons of snow on the ground and right now it’s 1 degree outside with a wind chill of –15?  It’s still light out when I leave the office at five!

2.4 012

It’s kind of funny, but Hannah isn’t the biggest fan of chicken, but when I mentioned I wanted to make chicken enchiladas for dinner, she was all over it!  I got the recipe from Ali over at Gimme Some Oven, her picture sold me!


I ended up using rotisserie chicken and canned corn that had chipotle peppers for the filling.

green giant

You really do need to make your own enchilada sauce, so much better than canned and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and could easily be made ahead of time.  This dinner took me all of about 20 minutes to make, and only 10 minutes in the oven, then finished it off under the broiler for a few minutes.

2.4 013

Yep, couldn’t find my 9×13 pan either, so I baked these in my roasting pan – um, I may need to organize my kitchen stuff!

2.4 016 - pic

My non-chicken eating daughter LOVED these, sauce and all which she normally isn’t a fan of.  #winning!

Alright, time to put my food together for the day, make it a great day!