You’d think I’d get used to Chicago winters, but I never do.  The cold air smacks me in the face when I open my back door and I think what Tony would be saying right about now “why the fuck do we live here?!”

bmac 035

That’s how cold it was when I left the house yesterday morning.  By 12:30 when I left for the gym it had gotten up to a balmy 4 degrees!  I had to stop and pick up Diet Coke for my office – there are a couple people that are completely addicted to it, and I remembered that we were out.  I ended up getting my breakfast at the store – fresh fruit from the salad bar and a Jimmy Dean Lean Turkey breakfast bowl.  I actually really love these and my store had them on sale 5/$10.

bmac 004

This is my second week of BiteSizeFitness strength.  Although I only did about half of the workouts last week because of the holiday.  Chest was on tap.  I went to youtube, looked up the exercises I couldn’t remember how to do and was good to go.

bmac 036

So I get to the decline dumbbell fly.  No problem.  Except when I got on the decline bench, my feet actually weren’t holding on that well and well, gravity took over and I just kind of slid all the way off the bench.  There were a couple high school kids in there because they don’t start back until Wednesday, and I am sure that they were looking at me thinking “what the hell is that old woman doing?!”  It was all I could do not to bust out laughing!   Those exercises took me 25 minutes, then I finished with 1.25 miles on the treadmill before heading back to the office.  Kym, I had that whole section to myself!

bmac 037

bmac 039

I ended up picking up stuff at the salad bar to have with one of my leftover lasagna roll ups.  So good!   That’s probably the most vegetables I’ve had at one time in a long time!

bmac 009

I ended up finishing up my cardio after work.  Sadly, before I started my blood sugar was only 161, so after walking 40 minutes, I could feel my blood sugar start to drop and had to get off at 2.45 miles – couldn’t even get to the extra .5 to get an even 2.5 miles.  Well, it was my blood sugar and I had to poo too – and after work it’s very crowded and I didn’t need to poop my pants. Open-mouthed smile

bmac 040

When I was at the store I got some great meat deals – I think I may have to stop at the Jewel in Barrington on Mondays from now on – check it out – reduced for sale AND buy one get one free!  I got three pecan crusted pork chops for $2.03 – and four pecan crusted chicken breasts for $2.17.  Plus six Italian sausages for $2.99 – and the steaks I got for Jacob and I were only $4.49 for two!

bmac 041

Chobani emailed me a couple weeks ago and told me about their #MadeWithCobani project and asked if I wanted to participate.  I could come up with any recipe using Chobani as the main ingredient.  You all know how much I love Chobani.  I decided to make a side dish to go along with our dinner last night.

Hannah loves mac n cheese.  But just like me, she and Jacob are trying to eat better and they joined the Y near our house – the young adult membership was only $24.99 a month and no registration fee.  They swam yesterday and they are going back to the gym today.   I cooked up steak for Jacob and I  – I ate half of mine and will eat the other half in my breakfast sammie this morning.  Hannah had one of the pecan crusted chicken breasts and actually ate it – she’s not much of a meat eater.


bmac 042

bmac 033

It was creamy, cheesy and so delicious.  Hannah and Jacob gave it two big thumbs up!   So I have to realize that my new stove is way more efficient than my old stove.  Usually if I used my cast iron grill pan on my old stove, I literally had to have the burner on as high as it would go, and it would take a good 5-7 minutes to heat up.  Um, I don’t need to do that with this stove – I pretty much smoked us out of the kitchen and Hannah had to open windows and get the fan out to get the smoke out – oh, and it was only 4 degrees outside – oops!

bmac 025 - pic

I actually like how my routine is.  Since I workout after work, I get home between 6:30 and 6:45.  We eat around 7:30 and I am full and satisfied and am not looking for something to eat at 9:30 like I normally would when we ate dinner at six.  I forgot my fitbit yesterday, but I have no doubt I would have met my 10,000 steps.  Normally that would piss me off that I forgot it, but in the whole grand scheme of things, who cares.

I am off to brush off my car and heat it up.  We got about 4 inches of snow last night and right now it’s –3 degrees, but with the wind chill it feels like –16.  Boo.  Make it a great day!