You know how you see a recipe, and you think, “I am totally making that soon!”  That’s how I felt about Renee’s baked eggs with a spicy habenero sauce.  I’ve known that dish to be called eggs in purgatory, but either way, its eggs that are baked in a spicy tomato sauce.  You can dip toasted bread in the sauce along with the eggs.  Yum!  My idea was to make it 3/4 of the way at home, and finish it off at work.  Um, I may have also thought to add cheese to the top.

But when I quickly took it out of my toaster oven at home, I thought “this looks a little too done” but I didn’t have time to poke a fork in it to test.  I know sometimes when I make breakfast pizza the eggs look well done, but they are perfect.  Well half way to work I thought “what if this sucks ass?”  So I did a quick pit stop at Starbuck’s for a protein box.  (Thanks Heather – still have $9 left on the gift card!).

So I get to work, take out my small casserole dish, and um, yeah – the eggs were totally rubber!

kdip 003

So, note to self, next time pay attention to how long you cook this dish – I’ll try it again though Renee!  So a protein box to the rescue, with one baby vanilla scone.

kdip 005

Two of the other secretaries were out unexpectedly yesterday, so it was just me, so I wasn’t able to leave for lunch.   I ended up having the last of my Mexican pizza for lunch.   Notice I ditched the Styrofoam plates for a pretty plate for both breakfast and lunch!

kdip 016

So I am proud that we’ve been able to eat out of our house this week without going to the grocery store.  Fruit and veggies have been lacking, but I plan to stock up this weekend.  I defrosted a turkey breast thinking I was going to grill it, but the weather was supposed to get bad, so I decided to do it in the oven.  The recipe I found online said to bake it at 400 for 30-35 minutes for a 2 1/2 pound turkey.  Huh, I guess I thought it would take longer!  So as soon as I got home, I heated the oven to 400, went to talk to Tony while the oven heated up, and then came back, patted the turkey dry, rubbed with softened butter and added some Italian seasoning to the top.  I baked it on a rack above a rimmed cookie sheet.  Well, 35 minutes later, it was nowhere NEAR being done.  Try like an hour and fifteen minutes.  Once the turkey hit 140 degrees I took it out and let it rest 15 minutes before slicing.  By now it was nearly 7:30, and I was hungry!

Sifting through Pinterest like I do like its my job, I saw a recipe for Kentucky Dip.  Huh.  I never heard of that before.  It was in Saveur magazine and they described the sauce as used on mutton barbecue.  Who the fuck eats mutton?!

But the sauce was right up my alley – tangy, sour, smoky.  This literally came together in a few minutes.  I will tell you though, if you taste this when it is still warm, the Worcestershire sauce will smack you in the face.  Let it cool to get the complex flavors that are going on here.  I imagine this would be awesome on a pulled pork sandwich.


kdip 009

The turkey was perfectly cooked if I do say so myself.  Tender, juicy – yum!  Dinner wasn’t the most attractive, I will admit, but this Kentucky Dip is amazeballs.

kdip 010

We sleep with both a humidifier and a small heater in our bedroom in the fall and winter.  We need the noise because there is absolutely no noise in our neighborhood, no street lights or sidewalks, so it’s REALLY dark at night.  The big storms went south of us, and we were just supposed to get rain.  Well I woke up to sheer blackness and total silence.  Yup, the power went out.  I went to use my cell phone to call ComEd to report the power outage, but there wasn’t a battery left.  I started to sleep in the back room with the window open thinking the noise of the rain would lull me back to sleep.  But then Tony woke up, saw it was dark and quiet, I wasn’t next to him and bed and was wondering what the hell was going on!

I ended up using his cell phone to call – the outage effected a mere 299 people, and our house was one of them.  This was four in the morning and they suspected the power would return by 5:45.  Well, we went back to sleep.  We were awake now, so talked for a while.  I was finally able to go back to bed, but I didn’t have an alarm set, so I didn’t sleep too soundly after that.  I ended up waking up at 7:15 this morning.  Thank goodness it’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow!

So any of my southern readers – have you ever heard of Kentucky Dip?  What else do you use it on??

Off to shower and figure out what to put together for my food today – should be interesting!  Make it a great day!