Tony went to the store the other day to pick up a couple things and picked us up a couple bagels.  The last bagels I bought were from Mariano’s and they tasted like ass.  Tony’s favorite?  The Asiago cheese bagel.  Mine, of course is the Everything bagel.  Many years ago I worked at a law firm in Chicago that daily provided bagels, milk, orange juice, bread, peanut butter and jelly.  I was a young single Mom back then, and I would have a bagel every day for breakfast, and sometimes just bring lunch meat and cheese and have a bagel sandwich for lunch.

Now a bagel is a once in a while treat.  Bagel Wednesday always reminds me of Lori!  Mine was an egg white, baby spinach and Cabot cheese bagel sammie.  So good.

curry 003

My knee still hurts a bit and my cough isn’t 100% gone, so I took it easy and hit up the pool for a 30 minute swim.  It was empty the whole time and the kids didn’t start there lessons until I was ready to get out – nice!

curry 033

A while back I had pinned a recipe from Half Baked Harvest – her summertime chicken curry coconut basil dish.  She made coconut rice with it, which I was just going to have brown rice, but the recipe stated one can of coconut milk, but in the directions it said “add coconut milk to rice and cook” and then in the next step it said “add coconut milk to chicken.”  Huh.  Do I divide the coconut milk?  Do I use two cans.  She’s got a super popular blog, and after leaving her an email, a message on Instagram and a comment on her blog asking for clarification, she finally got back to me – turns out it was two cans of coconut milk.  But I did have to adapt her recipe – I thought I had Thai curry paste, but all I had was sambal oelek.  My basil also got frozen in the back of the fridge, and while she said you could make the dish vegetarian by subbing chick peas for chicken, I decided to add chickpeas with the chicken.

I made this the night before last and Tony came into the kitchen and could smell the curry and said “what the hell is that?!”  When I explained that it was for my lunch he said, “Thank God for lunches so I don’t have to eat that crap.”

curry 019

I shared some with my co-worker.  He said the only thing he would have added was cilantro and chopped peanuts, but the flavors were amazingly complex.  It’s super spicy too, and I did end up adding a tablespoon of honey to the dish to balance it out.  Next time I will make it with the red curry to get the gorgeous color that Tieghan got in her original dish.


My time hop yesterday made me kind of sad.  A year ago I had just finished 101 days of Insanity!

curry 036

Who knew a year ago that today I’d be right back to where I basically started.  But then I remembered that it was consistency that got me to where I was.  I still had occasional wine, I ate pizza, etc., but I was consistent.  Then I saw this on Instagram:

curry 028

This HAS to be my mantra going forward.  I need to hang this up by my desk at work as a reminder.  Small daily efforts = success!

I had two things on the menu last night and asked Tony to pick between Beef Stroganoff or Bay Scallop Risotto.  He picked the beef stroganoff – one of his favorite dishes his Mom made growing up.  I used London broil this time around – beef is getting to be so expensive, but this wasn’t too bad.

curry 041

It was in the downstairs fridge and slightly frozen, but that was perfect because I was able to slice it super thin.  I just seared the outside for about a minute – it was still pretty rare, and then just added it to the sour cream gravy for the last minute – the meat was so tender.

curry 039

And I had a conjoined mushroom in my bag!

curry 038

I also added chopped spinach to my dish.

curry 046

If you have an opportunity, I have a great documentary for you to see.  It’s called A Good Job and it’s about New York firefighters.  Steve Buscemi produced it – I had no idea that he was a fireman for four years before becoming an actor.  They of course had to talk about 9/11.  I cannot believe it’s been 13 years ago.  The children born that year are in 8th grade and will start high school next year.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was working in Chicago, and once I got to my desk we were only there about 15 minutes when at 9:15 the partners of the law firm said to go home – they thought that there would be terrorist attacks on buildings in Chicago.  I finally got home at 1:15 in the afternoon – it was a sea of humanity at the train station that day.  It was also the reason I don’t work in Chicago anymore.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?  My boss at the time was actually in Manhattan and I couldn’t get a hold of him for two days – he eventually hired a limo to drive him all the way back to Chicago.

Chilly morning this morning – it was 49 degrees when I woke up, and now it’s a balmy 52 at 7:45 this morning.  I love this weather though!

Make it a great day!