Aren’t you glad that today is here – the last time that I remind you to vote for my Pan Seared Pork Chop Dish!   Next Friday, August 29 I’ll find out if I was either one of the top two voted recipes who gets to go to New York automatically, or one of the two “judges favorites” that get to go to the cook-off in New York with Sunny Anderson the weekend of September 16.  I thank you so much for supporting me, not only because the $5,000 would help us out immensely, but people, I am 46 years old have never been to New York!  And I have a cousin that lives there (Hi Sue!).  WTF?!  So help me cross off something on my bucket list “Visit New York.”

me and sunny

Well, I had to work through lunch and work late last night.  I was getting more and more anxious as the day was going on.  I didn’t get my lunch workout in and I knew I wouldn’t get Insanity done.  And I had to laugh because people, when I only take one picture of a dish – this is usually what happens the first take.  So let’s just pretend this is my first time I am a food blogger – shall we?

Breakfast was what I like to a call a wet breakfast burrito.  It had egg whites, baby spinach, cheese and I tossed some cabbage mix with salsa verde and scooped in a tablespoon of Wholly guacamole, and wrapped it all up.  I heated the burrito in boil and while this was a knife and fork burrito, it was so good.  Let’s look at my amazing food photography!

8.21 004

Don’t you just want to reach your hand into the screen and take a bite?!  My lunch picture may be even worse – I cooked up some more zucchini and carrots and had that over my leftover whole wheat pasta.

8.21 008

I called my daughter on my way home from work.  She just joined a gym near her that’s open 24 hours because her work schedule varies so much at Panera now that she’s a manager.  She either opens and has to leave the house at like 4:30 in the morning or she works until close and doesn’t leave until 12:30 p.m.  She put something on Instagram that said “no more excuses.  no more procrastinating.  each day is a new page and I’m not leaving it blank.”

I told her I was upset that I didn’t get a workout in, and had started the week so strong when she said “Mom, just make today your rest day and work out on your rest day.”  Duh!  Sunday was going to be my rest day but now I’ll get my workouts in for the week like I planned!  It’s so weird how my mind wants to give up the second something doesn’t go to plan.  But you know what?  That’s life.  Things don’t always go to plan, so I just have to go with the flow.  It’s all good.

I ended up just eating some cheese, crackers and some grapes for dinner.  Forgot to take a picture of it, but based on my earlier photography of the day, this picture looks better!


Happy Friday!  It’s another rainy day here in Chicago, but I don’t mind because we need it. Make it a great day and thanks for the votes!  Hugs!