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This post is going to be short and sweet – you know, just like me!  Tony isn’t feeling well, obviously, but worse than last week.  We called the doctor at Mayo and he thought it would be a good idea that we come in tomorrow and access the situation before his heart biopsy on Thursday, and we couldn’t agree more.  It would have sucked if we got up there on Thursday only to find out that he’s retaining to much fluid to do the procedure.

So third trip to Mayo in as many weeks.  We are getting the lay of the land in Rochester – and hopefully by now I won’t whiz by the exits I am supposed to get off of!

I skipping right past breakfast and lunch because it was BORING.  Egg white spinach omelet with cherries for breakfast and Michael Symon’s Cincinnati chili for lunch.

Dinner however, was all Biz.  Tony’s been eating bananas, rice and crackers.  When I found out he only wanted rice for dinner, my mind went right to spicy chicken stir fry.  One of my Instagram friends Larry put up a picture of firecracker chicken and mentioned to me that I would have loved it.  I am all about flavorful spicy!

But when I went to Pinterest and found out that you had to toss the chicken with the sweet and spicy mixture, then bake it for 45 minutes, I quickly went to Plan B.


That’s enough for 2 servings.  I’ll be taking one serving to Extended Stay with me.  Divide mixture and top each one with 1 tablespoon of the crushed peanuts.

7.28 018

FYI – that picture was taken with my iPhone 4 – I used VSCOcam app to take the picture, and HDR FX Pro to correct the white balance.  Not too bad if I do say so myself!

So I packed our luggage last night, just have to throw food in a bag for me.  Luckily I made another batch of Nature Valley granola bars so I’ll have one of those with water for breakfast.  I am sure Tony is thrilled that I’ll be driving again too – but hopefully he’ll be able to sleep on the way up.

Thanks again for you continued hugs, prayers, voting (Momma’s gonna have some medical bills!) so I can make it to the final round.  You guys are the best and I feel your hugs every day!

Make it a great day!