I think the first time I had a scone was at Starbuck’s many many years ago.  It might have been one of the first Starbuck’s in Chicago – it was around 1990 and I was working at a law firm near the Board of Trade building.  I wasn’t as big as a coffee drinker as I am today, but I was all about their pastries and muffins!  I remember the scone had cinnamon chips and a coarse sugar topping.  It was crunchy on the outside, yet tender and flaky on the inside.  Not kidding I tried for the longest time to try to find cinnamon chips so I could try to recreate these at home.  Mind you, back in 1990 I wasn’t much of a cook at all.  When Hannah came along I had all of about five things I could make – our favorites:  pizza, pasta, tacos, burgers and pizza.  Yes, pizza was there twice because I found nothing wrong with having pizza twice in one week!

Okay, so back to the scones.  I’ve come a long  way.  My first few attempts were more luck biscuit hockey pucks.  I tried undercooking them to try to get that flakey consistency, only to have them taste like ass.

Tony has one and only recollection of eating scones.  Probably around the same time I ate my first one, although his was on a business trip to Monterey, California.  He’s never had one either.  When he asked his business associate what it was, and the reply was “scone” he thought “I’ll give it a shot!”  Where upon first bite he said he literally felt all the saliva in his mouth dry up in an instant, and he couldn’t find anything to drink fast enough to take that taste out of his mouth.  And so, just like macaroni and cheese for Tony, he has never eaten another scone in his life – some 30 years later!

I bought fresh blueberries at Aldi – .99 cents a pint!  I decided to look for a recipe for a blueberry scone, and found exactly what I was looking for in this recipe here.  I did make a few revisions – I used fresh blueberries, I subbed in unsweetened almond milk for the milk, and instead of making the lemon glaze to cut down on the carbs, I divided coarse salt sugar, much like my beloved Starbuck’s cinnamon chip scone, on top for an extra crunch.


7.8 001

7.8 003

7.8 017

You’re welcome.  I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so you get the best three that I took.  Holy yum, a bit of a bite on the top and bottom, flakey and tender on the inside with just that pop of blueberry when you bit down on the scone.  I shared a few at work and one of my co-workers (yes, the same one that loved my broccoli sweet potato soup!) said “dude, this is like one of the best scones I’ve had.”  Duh – because I made them!

I ended up having one on the side of my cheese and egg white omelet, that has a generous amount of my dried guajillo pepper salsa – I need to make more of that soon!

7.8 045

I only quickly glanced at my workout of the day, just to see if there were any exercises I didn’t know.  Yep – the goblet squat.  What?  I had to look that one up!  I used a 10 pound dumbbell for that one:


Then I noticed that ALL THE EXERCISES WERE SQUATS!  328 in all ladies and gentlemen.   My favorite one?  The cable squat!

7.8 063

I am sure you guys all know what Overgram is – but I just found that app for Instagram.  Not willing to pay $1.99 to get rid of their watermark, but it’s a pretty cool app.   I somehow managed to run 2 miles after doing that many squats!

7.8 051

7.8 054

Here’s another app for you – Picture 365 – you can add all sorts of make up to your pictures!  Every time I look at this one it makes me laugh!  I sent this picture to my twin sister with the caption “getting sweaty!”  Ha!

7.8 074

Lunch was eclectic – more of my broccoli sweet potato soup with German potato salad on the side leftover from the 4th.  It was Bobby Flay’s recipe – I only added hard boiled eggs to mine, and of course, hot sauce!  Nothing screams German potato salad like hot sauce!

7.8 055

7.8 056

My sister (and Allyson!) love all kinds of puffy clouds, so I took a bunch of them on my way home from work.  Note that I was either at a stop light or out of my car getting gas and not taking pictures while driving.

PicMonkey Collage - clouds

I defrosted some chicken for dinner.  I also made homemade rice a roni – it’s been so long since I’ve made it and Tony loves rice a roni.  However, he felt the 2 tablespoons of butter was a bit skimpy, but I thought it was delicious.  Seriously the easiest side dish to make – after browning the rice and cut spaghetti for a few minutes until it starts to brown, just add chicken broth and seasonings, put a lid on it and 15 minutes later it’s done.  Just set it and forget it!  If you can’t find cut spaghetti in your store, just break up regular spaghetti.

7.8 019

7.8 020

7.8 027

7.8 032

Yep, totally thought about it after I downloaded this picture that a veggie might have been nice to add to the plate!

I got all my steps in and then some!

7.8 001

I just updated all my apps on my phone yesterday, and it said one of the new features was that you could track your walks/runs with a GPS, but I cannot figure out where to find that on the mobile app – anyone have a clue?

Alright, time to get my walking shoes on before work – I still have an hour before I need to leave for work so it’s a 30 minute walk, then 30 minutes to shower, get my food together and get my ass out the door.

Make it a great day!