Hi my name is Tony.

I was kind of lucky when I grew up; I was a large burly lad and can’t ever remember being bullied.

I have always hated bullying, I’ve never understood it. It seems that some person develops a problem because they perceive that the person they are bullying won’t or can’t defend themselves. It’s obviously the bully’s insecurities that drive that behavior.

It has been many years but I only remember a couple of special needs kids in high school. I remember one kid in particular. He was fascinated by coins, kids would throw coins across the cafeteria and he would chase them. The kids would laugh. I never really found that to be funny. I regret not stepping in to help him; I was certainly capable of doing it.

The reason I bring this up is I have seen a number of videos and stories of kids stepping in and not allowing that behavior to go on. I saw one story of a young lady who was being teased because of her speech impediment. Her mother called and asked for help. The entire football team made sure nobody ever teased her again. This is the part of the story that usually makes Biz cry. This young lady taught all of these kids about love and understanding. She now goes to every game and has become their spiritual leader. Every kid on that team has gained far more than they ever gave.

Also the story of the special needs child that loved basketball. He became the teams manager, and the kids excepted him as one of their own. On the last game of the year the coach allowed him to suit up, and sit on the bench. With minutes left they put him in the game and every kid passed the ball to him to shoot. Unfortunately he missed two shots. It was at that point that a kid from the other team passed him the ball allowing him the make the shot. He was overjoyed and was carried off the court by the whole team.

I have seen a lot of these kinds of stories recently, but unfortunately you still see kids bullied. Stories like those above give me hope.

I am blessed that I have a wonderful son, he is supportive and a great young man. I don’t believe he would allow anyone to be teased or bullied around him (unless it’s me).

With the political climate so acidic, it might be ok when these kids get a little older. Maybe they can figure out how to play well with others.


Thanks for that guest post Tony!  And he’s not lying.  I literally have to stop in my tracks if there are news stories or documentaries about kids like that.  I’ve attached the videos for you to see, and I am pretty sure you won’t have a dry eye after watching them!  If the screens are blank, just click on them – you’ll be clicking on the video.




Here is a PicMonkey collage of my day:

PicMonkey Collage

I found an app called PRO HDR, and I love it.  It costs $1.99, but I am still using iTunes gift cards.  From the top left 1.  me holding Tony’s hand when he was in the hospital in January, Zataran’s for Fat Tuesday for dinner, fruit for breakfast, sausage and Zataran’s for dinner, the snow out side the indoor pool, a picture from Valentine’s day I turned into a drawing on PRO HDR, the sunset driving home, breakfast burrito, more cheese tortellini lasagna soup for lunch, me at the gym before work, Phil Collins on the radio, my bad ass upper body strength training before work (8 pounds, NOT 20 pound weights!), sausage bubbling in the rice maker with the red beans and rice, my beer from a couple weeks ago turned into a drawing using PRO HDR, my updated Pinterest page of My Bizzy Kitchen – 211 recipes and counting! – my car about to hit 20,000 miles, and the middle picture – having the pool to myself at lunch!

Question of the Day:  Were you ever bullied?  Were your kids ever bullied?  I am so proud of these kids who stand up to bullying – makes the world a better place to live in knowing the next generation cares.

Make it a great day!