Right after Christmas my store had bags of fresh cranberries on the “poor people rack” as Tony likes to call it, marked down to .50 cents a bag so I bought a couple and threw them in the freezer.  The weekend before I bought 14 bananas on the $1 rack that when I opened my pantry, the smell of banana was so pungent I knew I had to start using those bananas up!

I decided to make a batch of muffins for my restaurant work friend who is struggling.  With two boys ages 11 and 14 I am sure they eat a lot, and these muffins are the perfect grab and go before getting on the school bus, or perfect for an afternoon snack.  I will admit, these are on the sweet side for me.  I had Tony taste one the night before last and he said they were the best muffins I’ve made yet.  Um, turns out I forget to add sugar a lot of the time when I bake muffins, which is probably why I don’t make them that often.

This made 12 muffins – each muffin comes in at 202 calories, 5.2 fat, 35 carbs, 1.5 fiber and 5.3 protein.


2.19 001

I wish I had a better picture, because these turned out really good.  When I work at the restaurant I don’t like carrying my DSLR with me, so the iPhone had to do!  I decided I’d make another batch before work yesterday morning and bring them in.  It’s been a while since I brought stuff to the office.  Remember when I made soup every Friday??  Which reminds me that I want to make this Vegetarian Taco Soup again next week!

I didn’t have any muffins, because I had breakfast tostadas on my brain.  Three tostadas with scrambled egg white, ham, baby spinach, cheddar cheese and half of an avocado.  While this plate comes in at 555 calories, I don’t usually eat snacks so most of my meals are in the 500 calorie range.  So filling and good!  Oh, and I may have doused these with more hot sauce when I got to my desk.

cranberry muffin 055

Since I had to work at the restaurant last night, I knew I had to sneak in Day 3 of T-25 sometime during the day and I realized I could just borrow my office laptop and take that to the gym.  Holy shizz, another tough workout – I was sweating balls within a matter of minutes! I just used the open group exercise room – no one uses it during the day.

cranberry muffin 058

cranberry muffin 061

cranberry muffin 065

So sweaty!!

cranberry muffin 066

It was a tough workout, but I was able to do 100% of it – toggling back between doing the Shaun T version and back to Tania who is the modifier.  My goal was to never stop.  Before I knew it, I was done!

Lunch was more leftover pizza, blackberries and cucumber.

cranberry muffin 068

This was filling, which is what I was going for because I wasn’t sure how busy the restaurant was going to be.  I haven’t worked during the week since the first couple weeks they were open.  I ended up having a bit of stracciatella soup for dinner, which was delicious.   I don’t know if I’ve talked about that soup yet, but it’s an Italian egg drop soup – it’s chicken broth based with crumbled Italian sausage, baby spinach, Parmesan cheese and it’s topped with garlic croutons.  This recipe is similar, except using spinach instead of kale.


I had an off night at the restaurant.  I kept getting sat deuces while the two other servers kept getting sat six tops and four tops.  I couldn’t sell for shit.  My first table of three split an appetizer and then split a half plate, and when I kept refilling their pops they wanted to make sure the refills were free.  Gah.   I ended up only walking with $75, but I was home by 10:45, so that’s not too bad.  I figure last night paid our electric bill, so it’s all good!   But by the time I settled down after getting home, I was in bed after midnight.  I am happy I was just covering another girl who normally works on Wednesday, and I’ll stick to my profitable Friday and Saturday nights, thank you very much.

So far this week we’ve had temps in the single digits, a thunder snow shower where we got six inches, temps in the 50s and today?   We start out with a wintery mix and then move onto thunderstorms.   I’ll still be dreaming of this – sitting outside!



Time to put my food together – I have the last of my broccoli breakfast muffins and shocking – the last slice of pizza for lunch today!  Make it a great day!