Since I had to be to work early yesterday, I was happy to see that my strength workout could be adapted at home, well, except for the calf press – turns out I don’t have one of those at home!  I adapted that by doing calf presses while standing on my hand held weights.  I used 10 pound dumbbells.

  • barbell squats: 30 reps
  • leg press: 30 reps
  • stiff-legged deadlift: 30 reps
  • barbell lunges: 30 reps
  • calf raises on dumbbell: 30 reps

The premise is that you do all 5 sets back to back, rest, then repeat.  I did that routine 3 times and it only took me 22 minutes to complete.  I definitely felt it in my legs later in the day though!

The drive to work was so pretty.

Zeal 050


I ended up eating two of my pumpkin spice pancakes with pecans, sugar free syrup and a couple slices of ham.

Zeal 020

So no workout at lunch yesterday.  I have some news.  Tony lost his job a while back and while he’s still sending out resumes like its his job, no bites yet.  I’ve been looking for part time restaurant work since September, and after several interviews, I’ve been hired as a server at a new restaurant called ZEAL that is opening up within the week.  Throughout my life I have about 15+ years of restaurant/bartender/server/cook experience.  And you all know how I love food!  Turns out though that some things have change since I last worked in a restaurant in 2008.  I had to take a course to serve alcohol.   I thought it would be about 30 minutes – try 2.5 hours!  I started it on Sunday at 4:30 and didn’t finish until nearly 7!

After I printed out my certificate, I had to take it to the village where the restaurant is and they will give me my personal license to serve alcohol.  So that’s how I spent my lunch hour yesterday.  Once I got back, I reheated some potato soup I had in the freezer.  On the side delicious kiwi and a high fiber English muffin.

Zeal 030


Zeal 032

I knew I had a wine tasting after work at my new job, and while I thought they would serve food for us, I wasn’t sure, so I had a Chobani right before I left.

Zeal 054

There is so much about wine I don’t know.  And basically, as a server, you don’t have to like every wine you serve, but you should be able to describe it.  Carrie, totally thought of you during this two hour tasting!

There are basically three things you need to know about any wine – body/dryness/fruit.  If you can accurately describe a wine using those three techniques, you can pretty much sell anything.  We tried several varieties – even a $120 bottle of wine!



We also tried this vineyard – Opolo:

Zeal 056


Don’t you love my lipstick marks on this glass?!

Zeal 058

The cork with my notes!

Zeal 064

Sparkling wine for $225 anyone??

Zeal 070

The menu is going to be 30% Italian food, 30% steaks/chops and 30% small plates of all ethnicities.   And as a small world, the Chef and I went to the same high school, he just graduated 10 years before me.  You know how most Italian restaurants will give you a bottle of olive oil/balsamic oil and Parmesan cheese for dipping bread?  Apparently this Chef  decided to bring his signature version to each table as they sit down.  While it may not look good through my iPhone, this is amazeballs.  A slightly thick balsamic glaze is poured over the top.  I literally could eat this for breakfast/lunch/dinner!

Zeal 072

I must not have transferred the picture from home, but I also had two squares of the Chef’s hangover pizza – thinly shaved roast beef, peppers and giardinera!  So, so good.

I have a Chef’s tasting tonight and tomorrow night with more computer training on the POS station.  Hopefully by Thursday I’ll find out the actual opening date and my schedule.  Once I have that, I know I can schedule my workouts, etc.  It felt weird only working out for 22 minutes yesterday!

Yesterday was also my high carb day – the goal was 219 carbs, 153 protein and 29 fat.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1761 calories (included the wine tasting), 207 carbs, 75 protein, 24 fiber and 61 fat.
  • 22 minutes strength – legs circuits

I know I’ll be off in my numbers simply because I have no idea what I will be eating tonight – but going into dinner I will have only had 45 grams of carbs – my total goal is about 100-125 for the day.

My other concern was what I was going to do about dinner – leaving one job and going to another, the thought of having to pack breakfast/lunch/dinner every day was a bit daunting, but luckily the Chef offers meals to staff before shifts – his choice.  I always will have access to soup and salad, so that’s good.

So wish me luck!

Today at lunch I have Back and Abs – totally able to fit that into my lunch time workout time.  Make it a great day!  And thanks for all the wonderful comments on facebook/here about my six month review – you guys encourage me more than you’ll ever know!