Tony made me another deluxe breakfast on Saturday – while it didn’t make it out of the pan as nicely as he wanted, looks can be deceiving – this was delicious!  Spicy eggs with cheese and sliced canned potatoes – the spice level was again perfect.

BR Soup 007

I on the other hand surprised Tony by bringing home his favorite donut.  The Bavarian Cream Chocolate donut.  I bought them at Mariano’s on Friday.  I didn’t take a taste of one but the smell alone was amazeballs!  Given a choice though, my favorite donut would be an apple fritter. 

BR Soup 004

So my photo shoot is today.  I spoke with the photographer yesterday who has bought me THREE changes of clothes – one outfit includes a dress with a cardigan sweater!  People, I haven’t worn a dress in probably 10 years, so this should be interesting.  While I told him my sizes, my worst fear is I get there and nothing fits. 

He bought all the clothes at H&M – which I thought is a shop my daughter and nieces would shop at – not 45 year old women!


So I needed to get my eyebrows threaded, they were pretty bad.  See how red my face is after though – and wouldn’t you know each and every time I get my eyebrows done, they ask “chin and lip too?!”  Um, no!!

BR Soup 007

It’s worth the 2 minutes of pain and the $8 cost though!

For lunch I reheated our party pizza Friday pizza in the convection oven, and we finally got the crust we were looking for.  Maybe our bigger oven doesn’t get as hot??  I may have added a touch of hot sauce to mine.

BR Soup 008

It’s getting cold in our neck of the woods – Saturday night I decided to make pot roast.  I don’t really have a recipe for this, but it’s so easy.  For whatever reason, when I make carrots and potatoes WITH the meat, they never cook – like ever.  Tony has tasted one too many crunchy potatoes from me!

I was luckily able to find a 1 pound slice of chuck roast – perfect size for us!  I simply salt and peppered it, heated 1 teaspoon of oil in my dutch oven, and then seared both sides over medium high heat.  Then I add 1 cup beef broth, bring the temp to low and cook on the stovetop for 1 hour.  In a separate pot, I boiled the carrots and potatoes and once fork tender, drained the water, put them back in the pan and left the lid on until the beef was done.

Take the beef out, slice and then mix 1 tablespoon corn starch with 2 tablespoons of cold water and add that to the beef broth left in the pan.  Bring to a boil and remove from heat, double check for additional salt or pepper.  So simple, but I could do shots with that gravy!

BR Soup 047

Tony and I chipped away at the stuff on our DVR, and before I knew it, it was time for bed!  I was bizzy in my kitchen though – recipes and photos later this week – apple cheddar scones and broccoli potato soup.  Turns out I am not the kind of cook who cleans up as they go!

BR Soup 013

Sunday I had plans with my Mom.  However, she thought she was coming to my house, but I decided to get up early and make the hour drive to surprise her at church – and she was!  You can see in this picture how the redness and swelling has gone down from the threaded eyebrows.

BR Soup 021

I put this picture on Facebook and basically told my brother and sister to suck it, because we all know I am my Mom’s favorite child.

BR Soup 025

We ended up going to Madison Park for lunch.  Their menu is HUGE!  Breakfast, crepes, pancakes, egg skillets, sandwiches, salads, fried chicken and waffles.  Wait what??  FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES?!  I loved the entry way – welcome to my kitchen!

BR Soup 026

BR Soup 030

BR Soup 031

Well, I’ve always wanted to try fried chicken and waffles so . . . YOLO!!

BR Soup 034

While I was hoping for a super seasoned fried bone in chicken breast to go with the waffles, they butterflied a chicken and served the waffles on the side.  I ate about 3/4 of the chicken, with hot sauce of course, and two of the triangles of waffles – the waffles were nice and fluffy.  But I have to say, without the addition of hot sauce the chicken by itself, while crunchy was a bit bland – maybe needed more pepper in the batter?

We then walked around, went to thrift stores, went to Verizon to hopefully some day get my Mom away from her flip phone cell phone and they went back to her house to just hang out and chat – it was a nice day!

I was charging up all my devices last night, so no pictures of dinner – it was just a simple pasta with grilled Italian sausage.  No big!

Alright, its time to get my stuff together.  I have to bring shoes, a wide belt and dark jeans for the photo shoot.  My hair has to be just washed and dried and I don’t need to put any make up on – um, turns out I am used to that one!

If you want to follow along with my day, I’ll be putting stuff up on Instagram when I can – I am biz319 if you want to follow along!  

Make it a great day!