The last couple of days have been so gloomy.  While it was raining on the drive to work, I was at least happy that it was 56 degrees!   But my 35 minute drive to the gym turned into 45 minutes because of the rain.

bigo 014

I could hear the rain when I got up to turn off my alarm, and I was so close to just snoozing it for another 30 minutes and going back to bed.  But I didn’t.  My brother calls this “the switch.”  It’s either on or off.   And for whatever reason, my “switch” has been on since June 1.  Or basically since I saw this picture my step-son posted on Facebook after our visit to Austin in May of this year.  I love how my step-daughter-in-law is waving – hey Lizz!


I don’t know how I didn’t notice (or not care?) that my belly was so big?

While packing for that trip, I had two pairs of nice shorts that were size 14 and tight – none of my 12’s would even zip up, so I brought some running shorts with elastic, because hey, it’s vacation – I was going to eat it up and drink it up!  And maybe a couple pairs of yoga pants, because I was going to work out every day on vacation!  Um, yeah, that never happened.

So we fast forward to yesterday.  I believe my summer of Insanity and my strength training program are starting to show some progress.  I can start to see some abs in there!!  And your welcome for the saggier left boob.  That’s Tony’s favorite.

bigo 019

Yesterday’s workout was good – it took me 35 minutes to get through the workout – the abs took me just over 10 minutes alone!

bigo 015

Because I am so quick to get ready, I was still able to squeeze in 30 minutes on the treadmill – 4.0 mph at 6.0 incline while watching the morning news.

bigo 017

I ended up having one of the banana bars before work, even though they got soft again – I guess Tony is right, with the banana in there, I don’t think they’d ever stay crispy – still tasty and totally kept me fueled for the workout.  And then after I got to work I made a Green Monster.

bigo 023

I was really feeling good, not sore at all, so I felt like running during my lunch workout – nothing crazy, just a nice paced run.  Um, turns out I brought the wrong workout pants.  I am sure you are like me – you have some yoga pants/running pants that have been washed so many times that the elastic might not be as tight anymore.  Perfect lounge pants – like around your house and maybe to get the mail at the curb.

Well as soon as I started running my pants slowly started to inch their way down, and at one point I actually thought “maybe they’ll just stop and I’ll be okay!”  Nope.  I ended up doing a 3 minute walk and then running for 2 minutes – and for the run portion I literally had to hold my pants up with one hand!  My last 2 minute sprint (for me!) was at an 8:34 pace!

bigo 026

And I got another 2.5 miles in for the day.

bigo 029

While the weather was balmy before work – it took a nose dive and by the time I left the gym for the second time, the temp had dropped to 41 degrees and the rain was blowing sideways.  I was more than ready to heat up another bowl of lasagna soup for lunch – and I’ll have the rest of it today.  So good.

bigo 034

While at the store last week, I picked up this skinny piece of steak – mostly because it was only $2.40!  I defrosted it yesterday morning thinking I could come up with something for dinner.  I tossed around the idea of a sort of patty melt to Tony and he gave it two thumbs up.

bigo 036

I had some rye bread in the freezer.  I salt and peppered the beef and then cooked it for literally a minute and 30 seconds a side and then took it off the heat. Cleaned out the same pan and grilled the beef sandwiches with a slice of Swiss cheese.  On the side, I just made a quick chopped salad – romaine, carrots, a slice of chopped cooked bacon, a few croutons and some light ranch dressing.

bigo 001

bigo 005

Super simple, super delicious dinner. 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1648 calories, 171 carbs, 64 protein, 72 fat, 21 fiber
  • 39% of calories from fat (need to start bringing that down to 30!), 15% from protein and 41% from carbs
  • 35 minute chest/abs
  • 30 minute treadmill 2.0 miles
  • 33 minute treadmill 2.5 miles
  • 115,.4 miles left on my 125 mile November challenge

Today we are back to shoulders for strength and cardio.  I remembered to put my bathing suit in my bag for my lunch workout – I got half way to work yesterday and remembered it was in the dryer!

So the Question of the Day – “Is your Switch On or Off?”  Make it a great day!