Another weekend is in the books – and even with the extra hour we got, it still went by way too fast.

We had a fairly lazy Saturday morning, which I loved.  I was planning on getting together with Hannah for lunch – she was running late, so instead of picking me up, we met at the restaurant and I ran a bunch of errands before we got together.

One snafu?  I had just enough insulin to get me through lunch, so I swung by Walgreen’s to refill it, planning on picking it up on my way back home.  Well, for some fucking reason, my insurance company would only let me fill my insulin at a local pharmacy three times, and then I could only use their mail order prescription service.  WTF?!  I have never read anything like that before.

So Tony called me when I was out, and he said the pharmacist couldn’t override the mail order.  So I call the number on the back of my insurance card, but of course, it’s Saturday afternoon and their office was closed.  There was a “Care 24” number so I called that, and I got a registered nurse, who couldn’t help me, but transferred me to someone who could help.

Well, 30 minutes later, we finally got the insurance company to override the mail order this one time and I was able to pick up my insulin – for a cost of $203 for one box – I am so close to hitting my deductible – only $187 more dollars!!  I am hoping my gyno appointment last week and my mammo next week will put me over the edge, then everything will be free until the end of the year – I am going to stock up on so much insulin and test strips it won’t be funny! Open-mouthed smile

So after all that I was more than ready to eat lunch and relax!

11.3 005

We each got the teriyaki chicken bento box – the only problem was that my fried rice was CHOCK FULL OF ONIONS!  I’ve never seen onions in it before!  But since I somehow spawned a child who loves onions, Hannah got the leftovers.

11.3 007

I got to see Hannah’s new to her car – she’s been loving the freedom of having a car again!

11.3 009

11.3 011

We went to Goodwill – I am happy that I am a solid size 12 – and while I could fit into size 10’s and zip them up, I wouldn’t be able to walk in them!  I bought two pairs of 12s and a couple tops.  Tony always jokes that I buy too many khaki pants – I had to text him this picture!

11.3 015

Our time together was way too short – but it was great to see her!  The drive home was gorgeous too.

11.3 017

I picked up a steak from the discount bin – two sirloin steaks for $3.80 cents after the 50% off, and I found this cheese for 50% off.

11.3 020

I ended up making steak salads – so easy and quick.

11.3 024

Tony made me breakfast yesterday morning – his creative juices were flowing!  He made me a two egg omelet with leftover taco meat and baby spinach with an English muffin.  He always gets the spices just right – crazy since he can’t try the food he makes for me!

11.3 030

It was a gorgeous day – 50 degrees and sunny – it’s amazing how the sun shining can affect (or Helen effect?) your mood!  Our tree in our front yard is gorgeous.

11.3 036

11.3 039

I wanted to walk on some trails just a couple miles from our house – sadly, two of the trails were closed for deer thinning.  So I made due with the smaller trail – it was an invigorating 45 minute walk.

walk collage

I had burgers on the menu since ground sirloin was on sale for $2.99 a pound – score!  I was on Tastespotting, and saw that someone made a sriracha honey mustard sauce and as soon as I saw it, my mouth started to water!  I decided that a tablespoon of this sauce was plenty – and each tablespoon comes in at 40 calories, .3 fat, 9.7 carbs, .3 fiber and .4 protein.  I also didn’t have two different kinds of mustards, so I used all Dijon.


schiatta 010

Holy cow – this is such a simple, yet complex sauce for burgers.  You first taste the sweetness of the honey, but then the sriracha kicks you in the ass at the very end.  I may have to make this sauce for Christmas gifts this year!  I will warn you that this is SPICY.  Duh, but maybe start out with 1 tablespoon of sriracha to start out.

11.3 092

I even dipped my sweet potato fries in the overflow – so fricken good!

And today starts week 7 of my strength training program – I took a sneak peak and wowza, I think the strength portion is going to take me 45 minutes!  Luckily my bags are packed, my food is prepped so I am ready to go.  Happy Monday – let’s make it a great day!