Wow, I can’t believe I started this blog five years ago!  Hannah was still in high school, my step-son Joe was still living here.  We’ve been through a lot these last five years: Tony beating colon cancer, Hannah graduating from high school,  and Joe getting married, just to name a few!

I have “met” so many wonderful people over the years, who I do actually consider my friends, even though we’ve never met in real life.  You all know who you are!  I never thought that having a blog would give me so much joy, but through all the ups and downs over the last five years, it was the one thing I could always control, and it’s been comforting. Open-mouthed smile

I think the best thing about blogging is that this is my living diary and I love the fact that some day my future grandkids, great grandkids, etc., can read back about my daily life.  My grandma kept a diary but this is what it was like:

Monday.  Had bridge club.  Made chicken for dinner.  It was chilly.

Of course they’ll also see that I swear like a truck driver and sometimes show boob pics, but hey, that’s me!

So I thought I would do a Top Five Posts.

  • My most viewed recipe, especially now that fall is here – My Buffalo Chicken Chili
  • Recipe I’ve made most often from someone else’s blog – of course, my beloved Lasagna Soup!  (have you fucking made it yet??!!)  Even though I got the recipe from Suzie, next weekend I’ll get to meet the woman Suzie got the recipe from at my Beef Counsel weekend at the Wit Hotel!
  • Who can forget my most controversial post – my, ahem, distain of Kath Eats!   For the record, I still can’t stand her.
  • All the participants I got for the first 101 Day challengeRachel – I am still sorry about how big your picture is in this post – I really had no computer skills back then!  Can I just tell you that you and Dave are kicking ass in the weight loss/working out department – so proud of you guys!
  • And this last one is a visual of quite possible the WORST picture of food I’ve ever put on this blog:

shittyiest picture

When I look back at some of my photography it makes me cringe just a tiny bit!  How anyone thought anything I cooked looked the least bit appetizing is beyond me.  I think that post was called “best oven fries.”  Kind of looks like I dropped them on the floor and scooped them back onto the plate. Open-mouthed smile

I think this picture is much better of my Creamy Tortilla Soup:


So let’s celebrate these last five years with a giveaway!  I was so excited when the publishers of Nicole’s cookbook asked if I’d like two copies of Nicole’s book – one to keep and one to give away.  I jumped at the chance!  This was back in August and they said they wanted to do a “media blitz” around September 15.  Well that date came and went so I contacted them and their records showed the books were FedEx’d to me on August 18 – wtf – I never got them. Sad smile  So they were gracious enough to send me two more and got them the day before yesterday.

I cannot wait to dive into this cookbook – so many good things – but you know I am proud of my baja fresh salsa recipe (with onions!) was mentioned in the book.  It’s one of the oldest recipes on the blog – September 8, 2008!

work 001

work 002

This is also one of her husband’s favorite salsas – you can check out his vlog here.  (And it was his birthday yesterday – happy birthday Mr. P!)

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what state you live in (or country!) – that’s it – super easy.  No twitter, or liking on facebook, or rafflecopter – I am a simple person so it’s a simple giveaway.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, September 30 – good luck!

So thank you to all of you who take time out of your busy lives to stop by and visit My Bizzy Kitchen.  I am a richer person because of all of you!

Hugs – now go make it a great day!