One reason I love weekends so much is that Tony makes me the best damn eggs for breakfast.  Saturday morning he made me sriracha scrambled eggs, Frank’s hot sauce hash browns and toast with jalapeno jelly!  How the hell did he know I loved spicy shit?  This ended up being my breakfast and lunch – so good.

9.7 003

I’ve talked about our dollar rack at our local grocery store. Typically it’s the first place I go to when we get in the store, but Tony made it there while I was bagging up some apples, carrots and mushrooms.

He brought me these two $1 items:

9.7 005

He said “I thought you could make a grilled corn salsa.”  Love that man! Red heart

I had 12 tomatoes, 7 ears of corn, 1 jalapeno, and limes.  They all went on the grill.

9.7 012

9.7 007

I am not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I grill my limes whole – the heat releases all their juices.  After the corn cooled, I used the upside down bowl method cut the corn off the cob – I saw this on an old Rachael Ray show – worked good – all the corn fell into the bigger bowl and wasn’t all over my counter.

9.7 009

I added all the tomatoes, two ears of the cut corn, the jalapeno and juice of two limes to my food processor.  I also added 1 cup of cilantro, a big pinch of salt and two garlic cloves.  Once that was blended, I added that back to my bowl with the remaining corn and mixed well.

9.7 010

9.7 029

My jalapenos weren’t that spicy, so this turned out to be mild.  I put half away because Tony can’t handle the heat, then grated a second jalapeno into my half and that really made this salsa.  I bought more blue corn tortillas and made our own chips – these are by far our favorite ones.

I had planned on doing a 55 minute Insanity routine, but my blood sugar was not cooperating.  I didn’t even take any insulin with breakfast thinking that would give me enough “fuel” to workout.  Nope – it was a struggle to get it over 180 for some reason, and it would have dropped too much and I didn’t feel like eating shit just to work out, so I ended up doing a 50 minute walk around my neighborhood.  When I got back it was 119.

9.7 015

We ended up grilling chicken thighs and I made German potato salad – sadly it was already starting to get dark by the time we ate – but I’ll share the recipe and a picture of the German potato salad later this week – it turned out really good.

Then Tony surprised me with yet another delicious breakfast.

Tony’s Amazeball Breakfast Frittata

  • 4 servings:  143 calories, 7.2 fat, 7.1 carbs, 1.0 fiber and 12 protein


  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 2 slices good American cheese
  • 2 ounces deli ham
  • 4 ounces cooked potato
  • a big squirt of sriracha (you can leave out if you can’t handle the heat!)

He put the eggs, egg whites, baby spinach and cheese in the blender to process.  He used our 6 inch cast iron skillet, poured just a touch of olive oil in the bottom, then placed the sliced potatoes on the bottom.  Then he put the ham on top of the potatoes and then poured the egg mixture on top of the ham and potatoes.  He cooked it on the stove over medium high heat for about 5 minutes, then transferred it to our toaster oven at 350 (convection oven setting) and cooked another 15 minutes.

9.7 034

9.7 037

It was delicious.  Light, fluffy because he put the eggs in the blender – a nice crunch on the bottom from the potatoes – and the perfect amount of spice.  It never fails to amaze me that Tony spices my food so well when he can’t taste what he’s cooking!

Tony was more than ready for football yesterday.  I think he’s been counting down the days since the end of the Superbowl, and since the White Sox suck ass this year, it’s been a sport less summer for us.

I always like to make him “football” food for the day.  His first request?  Hooter’s shrimp.  Although Tony’s sauce is more butter and a splash of Frank’s hot sauce.  The key to these is breading them and then letting the sit in the fridge for 15 minutes before they hit the hot oil – crunchy and delicious.

9.7 088

Thank goodness the Bears won! Open-mouthed smile

So what do I do while Tony watches football all day?  Yep, that would be Bizzy in my Kitchen!  Some recipes coming up for you this week:

Pad Thai Soup for One:

9.7 066

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins:

poppy 009

Sausage and White Bean Soup:

sausage soup 004

And of course, no recent Biz post would be complete without more squirrel pictures!  Mo the Chipmunk and Kyle the Squirrel don’t like to share.  At all.  So we put two bowls of seed out to see what would happen.

9.7 008

Yep, they each ate at their respective bowls, while the birds were flying around wondering when it was going to be there turn.  Of course, Kyle is like “do I have to share?!”

9.7 016

This was the perfect mix of productive and relaxing.  After all my cooking, I did manage to do a 40 minute Insanity workout – Pure Cardio.  It’s all about balance, right?

sausage soup 026

My right foot is bothering me again, so instead of walking, I’ve decided to do a 30 minute Classical Stretch on my DVR.  Let me know what the highlight of your weekend was!  Make it a great day! Open-mouthed smile