My friend Kelly posted this on Facebook yesterday, and it is so true.


It reminded me of when I worked at a bar, and one of the regular customers was talking about becoming a nurse.  But she was 27, she’d already graduated from college and wasn’t working in a field that had anything to do with her degree.  She started talking about nursing and her eyes just lit up.

But then she said “but I’ll be 30 by the time I get my nursing degree.”  To which I said off handedly, “you’ll be 30 in three years no matter what.”  And then I just walked away.  Guess what?  My small little comment pushed her to get her nursing degree!  I don’t even remember her name, but I remember what she looked like.  I ran into her several years later at the grocery store, and she stopped me in my tracks and said “your comment to me is what made me go to nursing school and I could not be happier about that decision.”

You never know when something you say will have an impact on someone.  And time will move on whether we chase our dreams or just think about them.  I am done thinking about what I should do to lose weight.  In the month of July I exercised 1,711 minutes, or the equivalent of 28.5 hours.  And in July I was on vacation and took 4 rest days that week!

So after the scale stalled last week, I didn’t give up.  I kept moving.  Not exercising or giving up was not an option.

8.1 006

Aren’t you happy I painted my nails for you!  Ha!  So I am down 1.8 this week.  For the Diet Bet I need to lose 4.3 in the next 10 days – which is a very tall order.  But next week I am switching up my diet.  I paid $2.99 for a weeks access of beach body’s nutrition plan.  When I plugged in my weight, age, activity level, etc. it said that with 90 minute or exercise a day – I should be eating 2400 calories!

I’ve decided to strive for 2100 calories, and have printed out their meal plan.  It’s pretty simple – whole grains, lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies.  I don’t think I can lost 4.3 pounds in 10 days, but since I played this round of Diet Bet on the house since I won last time, I am not upset about it.  Our little group so far has lost 115.5 pounds in 3 weeks though – woop!

I have no picture of breakfast for some reason – maybe because you’ve seen it to death – banana walnut pancakes!

After a couple days of gloomy, cool weather, I was more than ready to make it to the pool.  Weird though – hardly any kids – not even day camp kids!  At one point it was me swimming and 5 lifeguards looking at me!

8.1 004

They have an outdoor wall clock that I keep checking for time – while I thought I swam for 30 minutes, my stop watch said otherwise.  So I was a minute and 30 seconds short!

8.1 006

That was okay – I laid out for 7 minutes and it was glorious!

8.1 005

The work afternoon went by fairly fast, and Tony was on dinner duty last night.  One of his favorites – Zataran’s red beans and rice with smoked sausage.  All done in the rice maker – so good!  Yep, I added hot sauce to mine. Open-mouthed smile

8.1 021

Even after the scary bat shit Kyle was treating us the night before, I decided to fill the bowl again and see what happens.  He ate all his food, without stopping, until it was all gone.  I went on to work out but Tony said he didn’t hear a peep out of Kyle after he ate.  Whew!  We still kept the door locked though, just in case. Open-mouthed smile


My Day 59 went great for Insanity – I was able to do 98% of it without any modifications – I just can’t jump down and do the suicide jumps like they do – I still do it, but in a much slower fashion – I am still moving though!

8.1 013

Which brings me to 24 hours.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day – its up to us on how we chose to spend it.  I never used to be a morning person – I literally timed it that I could sleep until 8:10 and still get up, dressed and out the door and at my desk at 8:45!

Now I give myself 90 minutes before work to get shit done.  I blog, read other blogs, drink my coffee, cook my food for the day.  I absolutely love it – who knew I could turn into a morning person?!  Roly, this motiviational quote is for you today – make today a better day!  (Hugs!)  She’s beating herself up for yesterday’s bad choices – but they are in the past, you can’t change yesterday, but you can make a change today!


find time

Working out and doing my Insanity from 8-9 every night works for me because I know I am always home at that time.  I don’t have to worry if I woke up late, or if I have to work through lunch.  Tony gives me my high fives, tells me to give Shaun T hell and I do it.

This is one of the other charms I bought at the fest last weekend.

8.1 009

I believe in myself.  I believe I can make the right choices, get the workouts done and with time and perseverance, I’ll get to where I want to be.

State for the Day:

  • 1640 calories, 57 fat, 225 carbs, 17 fiber, 66 protein
  • 55% of calories from carbs, 31 from fat and 14 from protein
  • 28:30 swim
  • 7 minute sunning!
  • 45 minute Insanity

I decided to make today my rest day and Day 60 and my Fit Test and measurements will be tomorrow.  I’ll post those on Monday.

Question of the Day:  Do you believe in yourself?