My breakfast boss usually isn’t in on Wednesday mornings, but she was coming in early so I made her one of her favorites – breakfast wontons.  She came in, got her coffee, and started to reach into her desk drawer for Kashi Go Lean when I said “I made breakfast wontons!”  She immediately put her cereal back – she didn’t think I would make her breakfast because it wasn’t her usual day.  #actofkindnessfortheday

Although, she doesn’t like spicy, and I forgot the cheese – so with the egg beaters, rosemary ham and spinach – this whole plate of six wontons and a cup of cantaloupe was only 290 calories!

7.24 004

7.24 005

I am loving the pickled jalapenos – they only seem to get more flavorful (and a tad spicier?!) the longer they sit.  Who doesn’t love a spicy smack in the face at breakfast?  (Well, Tony, I already know it’s you.) Open-mouthed smile

Our temperatures are amazing – low to mid 70s in the day – nearly 58 at night.  When I saw it was only 70 degrees I skipped the gym, got on my walking shoes and walked for 45 minutes.

7.24 007

7.24 010

7.24 011

I walk in the subdivisions behind my office – not too much traffic.  It was so nice to be out in the fresh air, listening to 8 Tracks (find that music app – its amazing!). 

7.24 013

I ended up having Tony’s leftover noodle stir fry for lunch yesterday, except I added more veggies to mine.  Just as good the second time around – we’ll have to do another video!

7.24 024

7.24 029

When I got home Tony was enjoying a cigar outside.  I dropped my stuff, poured myself a lemonade and we sat outside for about 45 minutes – I love it – it’s a nice way to ease into the evening.  Most nights I come in, kiss him, talk to him for a few minutes then hit the kitchen!  I did put on the potatoes for mashed potatoes while I was sitting outside though.  Another enjoyable evening without wine – huh! Open-mouthed smile

7.24 017

On the menu was Company Salisbury Steak – only this time no green veggies and no cheezy bread on the bottom.  I still had an hour Insanity to do!

Once we came inside, all I had to do was grill off the Salisbury steak on the grill, make the brown gravy and saute some mushrooms.  The potatoes were done so dinner literally was ready within 15 minutes.

7.24 035

Lyle stopped by when we were outside.  Tony bought some mixed seed from Menard’s – a huge bag for $5.  I threw some outside and Lyle loved all but one type of seed – maybe it was the corn?  Whenever he got it in his mouth he just spit it out!

7.24 018

Tony said he put some seed out on our front deck table.  What I didn’t realize until I was taking my dinner picture was that he actually has a bowl of seed for Lyle!  You can see it in the background.

7.24 040

Last nights Insanity is probably one of the toughest for me – but I am happy to say that I still was able to do 95% of it without modification.  It was 59 minutes long, but I gave it all I had.

7.24 021

Day 54 – done and done! 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1527 calories, 72 fat, 149 carbs, 12 fiber and 75 protein
  • 39% of calories from carbs, 43% from fat and 18% from protein
  • 45 minute walk at lunch
  • 59 minute Insanity – Max Interval Circuit

I have been bizzy this morning!  Not only downloading my pics from yesterday, writing this blog, but I’ve also made another batch of . . . . lasagna soup!  (Just go to thank link and see how many times I’ve linked to it!)  Yep, Suzie, this will be batch 40!  Louise has been making it (she’s on batch 4 already!) so I needed to keep my lead.  I’ve also got cinnamon apple pancakes going too.

When I was listening to my 8 track while walking, I realized that I pretty much walk at whatever pace of music I was listening to so I kept switching it up for more upbeat tunes.  I stumbled across a track that had this title:

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

And then I heard this “song” below.  I found it on YouTube this morning.  I hope this inspires you – are you going to Rise and Shine today?  Make it a great day!