I guess money motivates me.  I joined my friend Helen’s DietBet last month hoping it would motivate me to make better choices, ditch the wine (in summer – I know!) and get my butt in gear.

May 31: 175.8 

June 29?

diet bet 004

I lost 8.2 pounds in 30 days!!!!

before   diet bet 008

diet bet 010

Before and after(love my eyes being closed!)  – I think you can tell a difference?!  I sadly couldn’t wear the same top in the before and after, because the pink one got ruined when our basement got water.  I am still not wearing a bra in the after one though – you know, to keep it consistent! Open-mouthed smile

The month of June also showed a PR on my 5k – 33:11.  My goal is that by July 31, I want to run a sub 30 minute 5k. Open-mouthed smile


I measured myself in April for some odd reason, so while the measurements aren’t truly accurate for the month of June, since the last time I lost .5 inch each off my thigh, hips, waist and chest and a whopping .75 inch off my bicep!  Guess the Insanity is working!  Check out my workout calendar for June!   23.75 hours of workouts (and will be over 24 after I do Insanity this afternoon.)

I forgot to tell you that my motto for the month of June was

Train Insane or Remain the Same!”

6.28 004

I did discover that next week is a recovery week, so I am still taking the DVD with me, but it won’t be as intense.  I still plan on getting a lot of walks, swimming and hill runs in while on vacation next week though. Open-mouthed smile

And when I get back from vacation I am going to be switching up my diet a bit – making sure to get more veggies and fruits in – yesterday I didn’t get many of either!

Breakfast was a breakfast roll – ham put in the bottom of a hot dog bun, topped with scrambled egg/egg whites and spinach, topped with cheese and put under the broiler.  I never ended up eating the apple.

6.28 001

I had an errand to run at lunch, the pulled pork and cucumber I threw in my bag just didn’t cut it, so I got an Italian Beef – their website said this small one is only 375 calories!  Just beef, bun and lots of hot peppers.

6.28 008

When I came home, Tony was waiting for me outside, smoking a cigar and he had already poured me a glass of wine.  It’s funny, but after staying away from alcohol all week, I am a cheap date – I had two glasses and I was already feeling loopy!

6.28 011

Tony was making me laugh, as usual!

6.28 017

He is staying home and he’s stocked the fridge with beer and meat.  I am confident next week that Tony will not consume one vegetable.  What would your significant other eat if you weren’t home to cook for them?!

He bought Boboli pizza crusts, two small ones and we each ate 3/4 of our pies – mine was sausage, pepperoni and spinach with cheddar cheese, Tony’s had mozzarella cheese and green olives added.

6.28 022

Tony and I had a lazy morning, then ended up going to Trader Joe’s and out to lunch.  I ordered the Udon noodle soup – its only 65 degrees today – but seriously, I can soup year round no matter the temperature – who am I kidding?!

diet bet 016

Tony got sushi.  Raw shit.  Just . . . ew.

diet bet 024

So not a bad month!  Check out some of the good food I ate too – and I was still able to lose 8.2 pounds!


So a few of you have let me know you are interested in doing Helen’s second DietBet – it starts July 13.  Once the link is live I will send each of you the link who are interested – just leave me a comment if you haven’t already said you are in, or send me an email at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.

I leave tomorrow for Virginia.  My internet is spotty so it’s a hit or miss if and when I will post – so you may see me a few times next week, or maybe not at all!  In either case, I’ll post vacation pictures next Saturday.  Cannot wait to eat pork bbq and float in the lake!  Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Hugs, Biz