After I downloaded my pictures for the day, I realized that I didn’t have the most nutritious day food wise!  I only spent $40 bucks at the store this week and just threw stuff into the cart.  Um, it was tasty though! Open-mouthed smile

I made a shredded zucchini egg white breakfast sammie.  I assembled it at work, but the cheese on and put it in the broiler of the toaster oven.  Somehow I am the only one that notices that the dishwasher needs to be emptied, so while the cheese melted, I unloaded the dishwasher, took the coffee cups back by our coffee nook, started talking to one of my co-workers and then all of a sudden remembered my breakfast might be burnt!

snowman 003

I promise that’s only one slice of American cheese, but it got really melty!  The blackberries were delicious too.

I checked my blood sugar before working out and it was perfect – 101.  Damn!   Not high enough to work out, and I couldn’t justify eating stuff, so yesterday became an unintentional rest day.

Lunch was ground beef and bean tacos.  1/4 cup of refried beans mixed with 2 ounces of cooked ground beef, romaine lettuce, a touch of cheese and lots of hot sauce.  On the side was some leftover Mexican rice and two baby cucumbers.

snowman 008

There was talk that we might get some measureable snow yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  We have now gone the most time in recorded history between measurable snowfalls – our last one was March 4!  I am A okay with that.  Even though we have a snow blower, which is fun for the first five minutes, its still hard work.

I decided to make patty melts for dinner.  The only noticeable vegetable on the plate are dill pickles!  I had an extra baked potato from over the weekend, so I made fries out of it and Tony and I split it.  I had an ounce of brie on mine – so melty and good!

snowman 017

And in case you are wondering, we have “his n hers” ketchups.  I made sure to keep these two very separated!  I also had jalapeno mustard on the side for dipping my patty melt.  Can’t get too much jalapeno.  YOLO!

snowman 010

I still have no Christmas decorations up.  I remembered yesterday that our attic door is broken – there is a pully system to keep the door open, and since its broken, you need two people – one to hold the door open and the other to bring stuff down.  The steps are too steep and narrow for Tony’s feet, so I am going to have to be creative and figure out a way to get our decorations down.

But I have been enjoying seeing all of your creative ideas!  I loved Lori’s window treatment she found off of pinterest.  Didn’t this turn out cute?!


Gotta love pinterest!  Alright, off to put my mystery meals together for the day – make it a great day!