Before I left for work yesterday, it was raining pretty good – its so nice to see some rain!  It was short lived though. . . by the time I left for work it was puffy clouds and blue skies.

ticket 003 copy

And, I always think of Lori, yesterday was Bagel Wednesday!  This was an asiago cheese bagel with 1/2 ounce of salami, 3/4 ounce swiss cheese, and a baby spinach scrambled egg.

ticket 004

The weatherman kept talking about the break in our heat.  It was still 95 degrees yesterday at lunch, so I ended up running more errands at lunch. Sad smile

I grabbed some soup from the freezer for lunch.  Once I defrosted it I realized it was chicken noodle soup.  I must have grilled this whole chicken because the soup had a nice smoky flavor to it.  It was about 2 cups of soup and was surprisingly filling.

ticket 008

ticket 011

ticket 012

Yep, I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so you got all three.  You’re welcome. Open-mouthed smile

So I get home from work and the mail is sitting on the counter.  I see a letter from Enterprise and I think its because they wanted to thank us for a three week rental last month, or a survey.

Nope.  It notified me that I had gotten a red light ticket while I was driving the rental car.  At the bottom of the letter it said that they would charge the credit card on file $18.  As much as I was pissed about it, I thought “well, it’s only $18 dollars!”

Um, guess again.  It gave a website where I could see the video.  And true, I did a rolling right turn on a red light, but the ticket is $100!  What’s worse is that the same thing happened to Tony last year and he’s avoided that intersection and hasn’t shopped in Fox River Grove since.

I won’t ever come home using that intersection again – and FRG – I am flipping my finger up at you as I drive by!

Whew, okay, where was I?  Before work yesterday I went into our downstairs fridge to get something and realized I had forgotten about ribs I bought over the weekend.  I had rubbed them with dry rub and had planned on cooking them low and slow on Sunday and then finish them off on the grill during the week this week.

Tony was working from home yesterday, so around 1:30 he put them in the oven at 210 degrees.  I didn’t take them out until I got home around 5:45.  They were perfect.  Just 5 minutes on the grill with BBQ and dinner was done.  We had delicious corn on the cob on the side that I just microwaved on fresh veggie setting.  Dinner was literally ready in 10 minutes thanks to Tony baking the ribs. Open-mouthed smile

ticket 017

Guess what?  I didn’t snack at all last night!  I just kept telling myself “The Kitchen is Closed.” 

I am taking a half day today.  Work has been slow this week and my Mom is closing on her house tomorrow and the movers are taking all of her stuff so she’s having a sleep over at our house.  I just need to do a clean sweep – the past three weekends I haven’t had time to do a deep clean. 

My Mom also has to have food at the ready within a few minutes of waking up, so I plan on making Autumn’s Blueberry Lemon muffins with streusel topping.  I’ve always loved the blueberry/lemon combo!

Here’s to a short work day!  Question of the Day: Have you ever gotten a ticket from a red light camera before?