Surprisingly, this week went by pretty quickly.  Since having a short week the week before when I went to Virginia, I thought this week would drag, but here we are at Friday!

I think I am on a Mexican kick this week!  More breakfast tacos – although get ready for some yogurt parfaits – Chobani is sending me another case of yogurt – this time with some new flavors – can’t wait to try the vanilla chocolate chunk!  There will be a giveaway too, so I’ll keep you posted.

More breakfast tacos – egg white, peppers, a little bit of cheese, with some cherries.

pork 003

You can never have too much cilantro in my book. Open-mouthed smile

Ya’ll (yep, talking like my Virginia cousins!) it was hot outside yesterday. 92 degrees when it was time to work out and I just gave in.  Later in the day Jacky sent me an inspirational video, and said she felt like an a-hole because she didn’t run yesterday.  After watching this video, I was like “I let a little heat slow me down?”  Thanks for the inspiration Jacky! Open-mouthed smile

Update – so I can’t figure out how to imbed the video – so here is the link – you won’t be sorry to check it out!

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Total Inspiration!!

I had to run some work errands at lunch yesterday, and on my way back to the office I picked up some tortilla chips and salsa at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  I ended up making a plate of nachos with the leftover flank steak from the other night.  Their salsa is so spicy and delicious!!

pork 007

While our furnace was replaced after we bought our house 11 years ago today! the air compressor on the side of the house was never replaced.  Tony felt that the central air wasn’t working as efficiently as it should, so we had a guy come out to look at it last night.  He originally was going to come around 5:00, but then ended up not showing up until nearly 7.  I wasn’t sure when to start dinner, but by around 6:15 I was starting to get hungry so I just figured we’d eat and play it by ear.

On the menu?  Pork on a Stick.  I marinated them in Pike’s Peak Butcher’s Rub that Rachel sent me (I am almost out!)

pork 010

It was described at my store as “country style ribs on a skewer.”  All I knew was that 5 skewers were $3.00 so they were going in my cart.  They were actually just really leak lean pork chops on a stick.  I ended up taking the sticks out and just cooked them on my grill with some rosemary potatoes.

pork 014

After downloading this picture I thought to myself “not sure I can count rosemary as a green veggie!”

And in case you are wondering, I do have some made mad photography skillz.  Out of the five pictures I took, four of them looked like the one below! Open-mouthed smile

pork 015

I dipped my pork into this mustard on the side that my Momma brought back from a trip to Cape Cod – it’s so good!

pork 018

I am sure you are wondering “why did she take a picture of that mustard on top of pizza from La Cucina magazine?”  Well that’s because it’s. . .

PPF!  Party Pizza Friday!

Since a lot of people are going to be out of my office today, it’s the perfect amount of pizza to make grilled pizza for our Friday lunch.  I am using La Cucina’s recipe for dough – it’s a triple slow rise, and each batch of dough that makes four, 10 inch pizzas only has 1/4 of a teaspoon of yeast!

Fingers crossed it will work out – I will definitely post the recipe tomorrow if it is a winner.  After you make the dough, you let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes.  Then it rises in the refrigerator overnight and then when I get to work, I’ll let it sit on the counter for three hours.

Alright, I have to get my pizza accessories organized.  I am bringing my unglazed quarry tiles with me. Open-mouthed smile

Hope you have a great Friday!  Hugs!