Why do weekends have to go by so fast?  Seems like I just get into the groove of getting stuff done, and in the blink of an eye, its another work week.

I did have a great weekend though!  Tony and I went out to dinner Friday night, and while it was a crappy day, it was a perfect day to be bizzy in my kitchen.  One fatal flaw though – I made the three hour baguette bread again, only I forgot to add the salt. Sad smile 

pickles 019

They looked pretty but the taste and texture was off – luckily I have a friend who is on a low sodium diet, so I dropped the bread off at her house yesterday.

One of the dishes I am making for me and my SIL this week is The Sandwich King’s turkey burgers with homemade pickles.  Why I have never thought of making my own pickles before is beyond me – I especially love dill pickles.  The only thing I changed from the original recipe is that I used regular distilled vinegar instead of champagne vinegar and I actually have pickling spices from Williams & Sonoma – I am ignoring the fact that these were supposed to be used up by December 2011!

pickles 020

First I put my cut cucumber and dill in my jars:

pickles 011

Then I needed to pour the hot vinegar mixture into the jar – I had twice as much vinegar for the one cucumber that I used – but I had another idea for the rest of the vinegar you’ll see later on.

pickles 013

It was kind of hard to hold the camera, pour the hot vinegar mixture in and not burn myself or drop the pot.  I didn’t realize until I’d filled up the jar that some of my seasonings kinda bunched up at the top.

pickles 015

No worries!  A quick shimmy of the jar and the seasonings disbursed nicely.

pickles 017

Then just top them off with a lid – let come to room temperature and refrigerate 24 hours.

pickles 019

These were delicious!  They were crisp and perfectly dilly – not even sure that is a word, but I am sticking with it. Open-mouthed smile

With the rest of the vinegar brine, I chopped up some jalapenos and radishes.  It looks so pretty!

pickles 002

I did the same thing – let them come to room temperature and then refrigerated them.  The next day, the radishes turned the brine pink!

pickles 027

I also deep cleaned our bedroom closet (its been years since I did a full clean out people!) and got all our laundry done – not only washed, but dried, folded AND put away.  That never happens! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you all had a great weekend – off to do my 30 minute stretch – I haven’t done it since Friday and my heel is telling me so!

Make it a great day!