I’ve had such a lazy morning!  I didn’t wake up until 9:15 this morning, and seriously could have spent the whole morning in bed just watching movies.  It’s chilly out, rainy.  But the last WW meeting was at 10:00 this morning so I got my ass moving.

ww wi 018

Yep – up .2.  I’ve been hovering around 165 for weeks now.  I keep saying I need to step it up, but saying and doing are two different things.  So this week my mantra is:


Yesterday I had a delicious breakfast – 6 ounce baked potato hash with spinach, 2 ounces of breakfast sausage and egg beaters.

ww wi 004

I couldn’t walk yesterday at lunch – my blood sugar was only 85 and I didn’t want to have to eat just to work out.  It actually worked out perfect because I bought my grocery store flyer with me and in an hour I had my whole meal plan for the week and grocery list done.

Lunch was the last of my spicy tomato soup with meatballs – so good!

ww wi 009

Tony actually felt up to going out to eat last night – he LOVES sushi.  The raw stuff, tuna, shrimp heads, fatty tuna being his favorite.  This restaurant used to be in a funky strip mall, but they moved it to a brand new stand alone restaurant about a half mile from where it was.

ww wi 021

I realized after I got home that I never took any pictures of our dinner!  But here’s basically what it looked like from another trip.


Right now I am cooking down some tomatoes for pasta sauce and baking bacon.  Have you ever baked bacon?  Just bake it at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness.  I bought some apple smoked bacon in the discount bin – 75% off thank you very much.  I just store it in the fridge until I need it, or I can chop it up for bacon bits.

ww wi 024

baked bacon

So what’s on my menu this week?  For me and my SIL’s lunches:


I am also going to make more of the three hour baguettes – they didn’t last long last week!

Check out this cheese I found at the grocery store – blue cheese sliced cheese!  Wouldn’t this be delicious on a burger?!  Have you ever seen this cheese before?  I got four slices for $1. 😀

I probably won’t blog tomorrow, but come back Monday to see how the dill pickles turned out!  Enjoy your weekend!