One of the things that cracks me up about Tony is that he is horrible with names, dates, timing of events, etc.  So I feel bad when I have to correct him when he’s talking to doctors and nurses about medicine he’s taking, when certain procedures were done, names of certain doctors.

So the best way Tony knows how to keep people straight so I know what he’s talking about is giving people nicknames.  Let’s take our day nurse Amy from yesterday for example – Amy and I started talking about food (I know – shocking!) and we got on the subject of salsa.  I told her that I would bring in some of my baja salsa (she was awesome by the way – totally got our sense of humor) as a thank you.  So now Amy is known as Salsa Lover.

Another nurse came in last night to take over for Amy.  A small Asian woman, and when she walked in she was asking Amy what the goal was for him, and Tony said “I’d just like to dance again, maybe we can dance tonight?”  So that nurses name is now Tiny Dancer.

I don’t even want to tell you how he kept Hannah’s softball team girls straight when we coached their team (to #1 by the way!) back in the 7th grade.  There was “divorced kid” (whose parents were divorced and would sit on opposite sides of the field) “top heavy girl” (um, you can imagine why), “split lip” (because on the first day of practice, Tony hit a ball and it hit this girl in the lip and it split open), “speedy gonzales” (because she almost always rounded first base and ran to second without any guidance from the first base coach).

It would be hysterical for anyone listening to us figure out who was going to be in the field.

Biz:  “So who do you think should play where?”

Tony: “Alright, why don’t we put split lip at second, speedy gonzales in left field because she’s got a great arm to throw to home, divorced kid at pitcher and top heavy at first.”

Well, we have some answers.  Turns out the drain tube got infected and he also has an infection called “C-diff” which he probably got during his surgery stay in December.  The bacteria is still growing so we probably won’t know until tonight or tomorrow what strain it is to figure out the best way to treat it.

Best case scenario?  Antibiotics will just wipe it away, he gets rehydrated, they get his gout under control and he comes home.

Worse case scenario?  Because his hernia was so big and the wound is obviously big, they may have to reopen him up, put something called a wound vac in the wound, and then sew him back up.  Obviously we don’t want him to have more surgery – because he’s on blood thinners they have to ween him off that, so that he doesn’t bleed to much during surgery, but have blood thick enough so he doesn’t get blood clots to his artificial heart valve.

I really think Tony should be an episode of House!

I have been doing okay on the eating front – I haven’t been bringing my camera because I don’t want to leave it in the car at the hospital.  I have to say that while the hot cafeteria food looks like ass most of the time, their soups and chili are delicious.  I’ve had their baja chicken soup twice, and chili twice.

I haven’t worked out all week, which has led to a couple bad choices when I’ve come home from the hospital – I made myself a 6 inch pepperoni pizza one night while I watched “I am preganant and. . . a dwarf.”  Yes, crazy shows like that are my guilty pleasure while Tony is away.

And last night I thought chips and dip were a good idea while watching American Idol.  It’s a lot easier for me to emotionally eat when I haven’t worked out, but I need to realize why I am doing it and snack on fruit!

We are supposed to get 3-7 inches of snow today too.  And man, was it cold!  Here was the temp when I got home from the hopsital last night:

I am off to the hospital before work – again, your continued thoughts, prayers, emails and texts have meant the world to us!  Hugs!