Yikes.  I can’t tell you how fast this year has gone by.  Pretty soon it will be Christmas and New Years and that dreaded “I’ll lose weight this year!” January 1 resolution.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these posts!



In 2010 this is what I looked like – I think my face is thinner now. šŸ˜€  (Hi Mel!!)


Well I am happy to say that I am down 14.4 pounds for the year.  Certainly not breaking any records, but I am happy that I am not starting out this new year at literally the same weight from January 2009 to January 2011!  I only have 5.6 pounds to lose this month to hit my goal of 20 pounds lost.

So I have a plan.  But its going to be hard to keep it up.  But I have my December calendar packed and ready to go with workouts!  See that highlighted square?  That’s my and Tony’s 11th anniversary.

What the hard part is going to be is that Tony is having more surgery.  He developed a hernia as a complication from his colon cancer surgery.  His surgery is on December 12, but because he’s on blood thinners for his artificial heart valve, he may have to be hospitalized before that date.  We both thought we’d be done with hospitals this year. šŸ™

So I am not sure how I am going to juggle working out, work, meal planning, taking care of my Tony this month, but if I don’t have a plan I know I’ll just say “f it” and lock myself in my pantry with bags of pretzels and a box of wine. šŸ˜€  And maybe a t.v. so I can watch Food Network.

Since I had leftover zucchini pancakes, I made another “breakfast” tower of sorts.  Two zucchini pancakes, 3 ounces of leftover pork, spinach and an egg (and half an ounce of cheese -shhh!) with fresh pineapple on the side.  Breakfast comes in at 388 caloreis, 17 fat, 24 carbs, 3.5 fiber and 34 protein.

When I cleaned out my refrigerator I forgot that I had bought these No Noodles at Whole Foods with my Mom a few weeks ago.  They are made of water, yam flour and lime.  I am not kidding.

They say that they are fully cooked “just add to your favorite dish.”  So since I had my last frozen package of Paleo chili, I made chili mac with these.  With more unphotographed pineapple on the side, lunch came in at 374 calories, 19 fat, 27 carbs, 4.4 fiber and 24 protein.

When I first took them out of the package, they look like celephane noodles, which I don’t particularly like because of the texture.  And this was kinda awkward to eat at my desk, so I ended up taking a knife and fork and chopping up the noodles and ended up eating it like soup.

The verdict?  Meh.  They didn’t taste like anything but the Tabasco I tossed with them.  And they were $2.99 a package at Whole Foods.  Not worth it in my opinion!

Work was quiet and productive!  Although the day dragged a bit around 3:00.  I defrosted chicken breasts not really knowing what I was going to do with them, but I let Tony decide – I said “do you feel like chicken parmesan or chicken tacos?  He shocked the shit out of me (and I did a happy dance) that he decided on chicken tacos!  My three tacos come in at 536 calories, 12 fat, 35 carbs and 21 protein.

I have an apology to make.  Tony kept telling me that my pictures were taking a long time to download on the blog and insisted that I had my camera on the wrong setting.  I kept telling him I hadn’t changed anything!  Well, apparently I did have it on the “large” setting which made each picture like 2 MB.  Sorry if its been taking a while for my blog to load.  That’s why the pictures are all different sizes on this post – I fixed it though!  So, Tony – you were right.  There, I said it! šŸ˜€

Stats for Wednesday

  • 1330 calories (includes almonds as a snack)
  • 56 fat, 95 carb, 17 fiber, 83 protein
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 141

It’s December 1 – time to get my workout in!   I’ll leave you with an awkward family photo Christmas picture – enjoy!


UPDATE:  BSI HAS BEEN EXTENDED DUE TO THANKSGIVING!  You have until Saturday, December 3 morning to get your PEAR recipes to Mara