I was doing well all week food wise, but the exercise was almost non-existent – I only worked out two days this week, have worked through my lunches and I didn’t get home from work last night until almost 11:45 lat night.  šŸ™

Although Hannah and I had a date night Thursday night!  We chose a Mexican restaurant and I had grilled chicken fajitas (no onions this time) with red and green peppers and guacamole.  But it was the chips.  The goddamn tortilla chips with a spicy salsa.  I probably easily had 20 chips.

They come warm to the table, okay my mouth is watering just thinking about them!  After dinner Hannah and I went to a new thrift store, but it was more like a retail store than a thrift store.  I mean everything was used but it felt like retail prices – they had All-Clad pans for $149 used!

I did make Hannah laugh though – I kept trying on different clothes and hats.  Yes Tyler, I know it gives you the skivvies when I put used hats on my head. šŸ˜€

I found my 1980’s glasses!!

See that lady in the background?  She said to me “I love that combination on you!”  Ha!

Not sure what the purpose of these gloves were??  Kinda felt like I should go boxing. šŸ˜€

And every woman needs some bling in their hat!

Then yesterday I realized I hadn’t put a breakfast together and quickly stole $5 bucks from Tony’s wallet (thanks!) and picked up . . .McDonald’s oatmeal!  I know, I know, this is banned from the Paleo diet but it was so good – the fruit is just right – just a little tart with the dried cranberries.

Lunch was eaten in a blur of putting documents together – Tony bought me some marinated taco meat and I had taco lettuce wraps – too busy to take a picture, so thanks Google images!

I had more taco meat and soup in the fridge, but my boss bought us Jimmy John’s for dinner.  I can’t remember the last time I even had bread!  I got the Vito.

Except no onions and I had extra cherry and banana peppers! šŸ˜€

Needless to say since I worked late last night I didn’t go to WW – sleeping in under my down comforter and snuggling with Tony sounded like a much better idea! šŸ˜€

So I didn’t do too well on my eating/exercise plan this week.  And next week is going to be crazy too.  My Mom is having surgery on Tuesday so I’ll be headed to her house Monday night to sleep over.  She will most likely be in the hospital until the day after Thanksgiving. šŸ™  Sadly, other than Thanksgiving day I’ll probably have to work most of the long weekend.  Part of me just wants to start this Paleo diet over on November 28!

I do think I need to eat more carbs and as much as my trainer is going to balk at this, I plan on adding some beans to my diet.  Specifically so I can make this chili.  Yep, a sweet potato chili!  (and I am happy that this cook is also a field hockey player!).  My store has sweet potatoes on sale this week for .25 cents a pound.  I plan on making some meals for my Mom when she comes home so she doesn’t have to cook much.

If you have any freezer friendly meal ideas for my Momma, let me know. šŸ˜€

Look what else you can make with sweet potatoes – sweet potato Challah bread?  Yes please!  I might have to make this this weekend to see if it will make our Thanksgiving day table. šŸ˜€

And check out this sweet potato hummus!

Tony and I have a date with our backyard that needs to be mowed and leaves to be picked up.  Hope to get to my favorite grocery store that is now reopend – woot!

What’s on tap for your weekend?