Day One of my Exercise and Paleo Diet!  It’s been really fascinating to read up on this diet.  Although I wouldn’t call it so much a diet as a lifestyle.  It’s not Atkins, it’s not South Beach.

Richard Kreps is the CEO and Owner of The Zero Scale:

A scale can be a great tool to make sure you are hitting your health and fitness goals through weight tracking.  The problem with traditional scales is that they can be discouraging by allowing you to see the amount you still have to go and not focusing on the small steps required to reach the bigger goal.  The Zero Scale eliminates the fear of seeing total weight and just focusing on the immediate results of your progress.  The Zero Scale records two different time frames for you as well:  The difference from the first weigh-in and the difference from the last weigh-in.  This is done for two reasons.  We want you to be able to track your progress from day one and from the very last check-in.  This will help you fine tune how your workouts and nutrition are affecting you in the short term as well as from the begining.  If you have a slip up, as we all do, you will see very quickly how that affects you and make quick adjustments to remedy the situation.  If you have really dialed in your program and are seeing dramatic results, you will be rewaded with that feedback and  noticeable, constant improvements to your fitness level.

So I weighed myself on Saturday.  Yesterday I stepped on the scale and this is what it told me:

So hopefully by the end of the week I’ll see a bigger loss. 😀

I took my first Paleo test eating out yesterday.  My Mom and I went to Chevy’s, which is a Mexican restaurant.  Of course the first thing they did was to bring chips and salsa to the table.  I had one chip to see how spicy the salsa was for my Mom, other than that, not a chip or tortilla touched my lips! 😀

They had a mix and match fajita meal – so I chose the seasonal vegetables and the steak.  Um, what’s the number one ingredient of fajitas??  ONIONS!  I forgot to say no onions – but since my Mom loves them, they quickly jumped off my plate onto hers.

It was interesting because the salsa they brought to the table looks just like my baja fresh salsa, although I have to say I think mine has more flavor. 😀

I signed up for their mailing list and got a coupon for a free appetizer.  Avocado is recommended on this plan because its a good kind of fat.  They make the guacamole right at your table, so I was able to say “NO ONIONS” to ours, and we went light on the chopped jalapeno – my Mom can’t handle the heat like I can.

 I only took two units of insulin in this meal because it was so low carb – if I would have eaten the chips and tortillas, I would have taken at least 14 units!  I am interested to see how this diet effects my blood sugar numbers.

So I ate just the steak, all the veggies, no rice, sour cream or tortillas.  I was completely satisfied and I didn’t have a feeling of being stuffed which normally happens when I leave a Mexican restaurant!

Then my Mom and I went to Whole Foods – I’ll be showing off some new products this week:  almond flour, coconut flour, and coconut milk, nitrate free bacon – just to name a few!

Come back tomorrow for my Paleo Spinach and Sausage Lasagna.  I can’t have cheese on this diet (I know!) so I made a puree of califlower and carrots to sub in for the ricotta cheese.

While on this challenge, I’ll be posting both my calorie intake for the day as well as points just to see where I am at.  Since I take insulin every time I eat, I rarely snack – its bad enough I have to have 4 shots in a day, so I won’t have to worry too much about Paleo snacks, although I did buy a small jar of mixed nuts for my desk drawer. 😀

Guess where I am off to?  The gym!  I have 30 minutes of cardio and today’s strength training is Chest Press and Leg Press/Squats.

So do you think I can go without my beloved wine for two weeks? 😀