Loved reading all your comments yesterday on food budgets – and thanks for the great tips! šŸ˜€

Last week I got about 30 new potatoes on the dollar rack – last weekend I roasted them and kept them in the fridge to have on hand for the week.  The roasted peppers inspired by breakfast – or what I like to call “end of the week leftover hash.”

Six ounces new potatoes, 1 ounce deli ham, 1 zucchini and 1/2 ounce of shredded Parmesan cheese – this hash comes in at 8 points, with the tiny bagel, breakfast is 11 points.

We celebrated National Bosses Day at my office yesterday – we decided to do a chili theme – I made the buffalo chicken chili, another co-worker made the best beer cheddar bread and my other co-worker brought in the chili fixins.  The chili was a big hit – a couple people even went back for thirds! šŸ˜€

Um, I may have had two bowls and 2 slices of bread – maybe 13 points??

Tony called me up and asked if I had anything on the menu for dinner last night.  I didn’t (but of course secretly hoping that he would utter the words “how about pizza?!”) so he said he would take care of dinner.

Enter:  Homemade Hooters Buffalo Shrimp.  Holy shizz peeps.  These taste even better than the ones I have had at Hooters!  The secret is in the breading – here’s how they look waiting for the deep fryer to get to temp.

They only take about 4 minutes to deep fry – look at how crispy they are!  Tony and I each had 8 shrimp.

None of the finished product pictures turned out, but they kinda looked like this:

When we finished eating Tony said “I could eat these every night!”  Yep, they were that good, but I wish he felt the same way about pizza. šŸ˜€

So I am sure everyone is waiting with baited breath about my weigh in . . .

Yep, I am up a pound for the last two weeks, but I will take it.  My leader has the best catch phrase – work the plan a little, you lose a little.  Work the plan a lot, you lose a lot.  I hardly worked the plan at all – little tracking, the bites and tastes that never get recorded, and the lack of exercise.

So the topic at the WW meeting this week was CAN vs. WILL.  I can work out every day, I can track on eTools, I can get my water intake in.  So this week I have to turn the CAN into WILL:

  • I WILL track my points (even on the weekends, which I never do)
  • I WILL workout out 45 minutes a day
  • I WILL cut down on the wine this week
  • I WILL have a loss at next weeks weigh in

What WILL you do this week?  Happy Saturday! šŸ˜€