Growing up my Mom went back to work when my sister and I were 8 years old.  At the time I thought it was so cool that my Mom had to take a bus and the “L” to work – of course years later I learned what a hassle commuting was.

There was a gas station on the corner where my Mom got off the bus.  Inside the gas station they had a candy vending machine.  For .10 cents I would get these:

 My sister and I would split this package while waiting for my Mom to get off the bus.  Except we usually got there about 30 minutes before my Mom was ready to get off the bus (I am sure to get away from our grandma, but that’s a whole other post).  Every time I bus would come to the corner we’d wait for people to get off, the bus to move forward, and to see if she was getting off.  We would jump up and down when she got off the bus!

Well, Hannah is the same way about Hanging with Hannah nights.  I actually worked a little late so didn’t get home until almost six last night.  She had my bathing suit laid out, my outfit to change into – she was so happy to see me come home! šŸ˜€

Before I talk about Hanging with Hannah, I didn’t realize that yesterday was Administrative Assistants Day, which really is a made up holiday if you ask me.  But the attorneys brought in bagels, danishes and fruit and my bosses gave me a gift card. šŸ˜€

I had a turkey bowl in the freezer, but then had 1/2 a cinnamon scone from panera, some fruit, and my bowl – all together breakfast comes in at 10 points.

I went to the gym at lunch – ended up doing 40 minutes on the elliptical on level 8, and did almost 4 miles šŸ˜€  I was a sweaty mess and decided I better shower before going back to work.  Um, the showers?  I felt like I was at hotel!  Each shower stall was about 6×6 feet, had frosted glass doors, and really cool glass tiles.  The best part was the Kohler shower head – you could make it like rain, or then turn it and it was one straight line like a waterfall – so cool!  The price of the memebership may be worth it just for the shower. šŸ˜€

I had leftover pasta from the other night – except half the amount of pasta and I added 1 cup of steamed broccoli – even though you only see two pieces of broccoli, it was mostly on the bottom.  Lunch is 8 Points.  (and I found a good place to take pictures at lunch with plenty of natural light!)

So after Hannah and I got dressed for the gym, we always check out the pool situation to decide what we are going to do.  There were a couple lanes opened, so we decided to do 20 minutes of cardio – its a different kind of elliptical machine – not sure how to describe it but its kinda like mountain climbing and its hard – we were both huffing and puffing after 20 minutes!

Then we got in the pool – only one lane was available, so we shared a lane.  I have to say my swimming skillz are getting better!  I have finally gotten my arms, legs and breathing to work together!  Kerstin and Shelley would be so proud!  We did laps for about 20 minutes, then got our fun on with the weighted rings – OMG, we literally laughed our asses off. 

We have six rings, and no matter how hard I tried, Hannah would always get 4 and I’d only get two.  Well, she is a better swimmer than me, so I have to give her that. šŸ˜€  At one point a couple older ladies were coming close to our area – we basically had the whole side of the pool to ourselves.  We gave them the stink eye though and they went to the therapy pool.  And then Hannah says “that’s right bitches, step aside.”  That just cracked me up!

Then it was hot tub time – our favorite part of the night – there is nothing like a hot tub at the end of a long day.  But after 10 minutes we were both starving, so off to Chipotle we went.  I got the steak bowl with black beans, pinto beans, and cilantro lime rice.  I ate 3/4 of it with some chips, so dinner comes in at 13 points.

Then we watched American Idol – I totally want Casey to win! šŸ˜€

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 34 points
  • 40 minute elliptical at lunch
  • 20 minute elliptical at gym
  • 20 minutes of laps
  • 20 minutes of fun with the weighted rings
  • average blood sugar 144

Question of the Day:  Did your Mom work when you grew up or was she a stay at home Mom?   Did you wait for her to come home if she did work?

Happy Thursday – two days til the weekend – woot! šŸ˜€