It’s funny because at work, I am extremely organized.  If you need to find one piece of paper, I am the one to find it.  Tony always jokes with me that I leave my organizational skillz at work and they don’t make it on the drive home. šŸ˜€

I’ve spent the last few days organizing at work, and it’s funny, I think “I wonder if Hannah would organize it this way?”   I will admit I am tired when I come home, but in a good way.  And I forgot to tell you guys that our dishwasher broke . . . the Thursday before Easter!  And I have told you that I am the queen of using every dish, utencil, etc., while cooking, but I’ll tell you, since having to hand wash all the dishes, I am getting to become a cleaner cook – just the swift kick in the ass I needed.  (But we’ll have our new dishwasher by Saturday at the latest!).

I went to the gym yesterday morning with the intent of doing laps, but the pool was too Bizzy.  I ended up getting the therapy pool to water jog with aqua dumbells.  It was really hard – I jogged and did upper body for a full 30 minutes – my arms were so tired by the end and I was actually sweating. 

I kinda look like this, except without the footies :

Right next to me were some old people like this:

I told Tony that I was giving the old people the evil eye if they tried to get into my space. šŸ˜€  Kidding, I am a very nice to old people. šŸ˜€

I had prepared my food the night before, but by the time I got back home from the gym, I literally needed to leave in 1o minutes.  Got all my stuff together, even had time to make coffee šŸ˜€ and realized half way to work that I forgot my camera.  So while my tacos were leftovers today, the picture below is from when I made them over the weekend.

You didn’t miss much for breakfast – just a typical egg sammie – I stole this picture off of Google.   With my egg, ham, cheese, bread and apple, breakfast was 8 points.

Tony was flipping through the channels on Saturday and he stopped it on America’s Test Ktichens to have me watch how they made chicken tacos.  The first word I heard was “chipotle peppers” which meant I was in, Tony was out.  So while I made taco seasoning chicken tacos for Tony and Hannah, they missed out on the best chicken tacos I’ve ever had – I literally had to stop myself from taking more chicken out of the bowl!


The picture above was taken years later – the pic below was the original picture, when I thought I knew how to take a good food photo šŸ˜€

I can’t describe what a unique flavor this is – it’s slightly sweet because of the orange juice, but then you get the tang of the mustard at the end and the brightness of the fresh cilantro.  This one is a keeper – for me.  And actually when I was packing my lunch I thought how much my old WW buddies would have loved this lunch. šŸ™  

The other thing missing from this picture is the “refried” beans I made.  I thought I had refried beans, but I didn’t so I drained a can of cannelli beans, put it in a small sauce pan with 1 4 oz. can of green chilis.  I heated it for about 10 minutes on low heat, then used a potato masher and mashed it up – it looked like baby food, but it was so good!

I was able to use my free gym pass at lunch yesterday though – so I did 2.75 miles in 35 minutes, all while watching Pregnant and 16 on MTV.  I think every teenager should watch that show – it’s so sad seeing these super young girls having to grow up so fast when they have a baby.  Hell, it made me grow up when I had Hannah and I was 23!

We have so much leftover ham, I am trying to find ways to use it up.  I asked Tony what he had for lunch and he was like “I had a ham sandwich.”   Rats.  I thought he wouldn’t be up for having ham for dinner, because I found a recipe I wanted to make.  Cheesey Baked Penne from RecipeGirl.  I copied her recipe pretty much verbatim, except I reduced the provolone cheese and Parmesan cheese down to 1/2 a cup each instead of a full cup.  And I didn’t bake it – Tony doesn’t like baked pasta, and it looked perfect the way it was – and this literally took about 15 minutes to put together.

When I told him what I was going to make he was all over it – he loves ham and peas. šŸ˜€  I made this 6 servings since its so rich, it comes out to be 390 calories, 13.8 fat, 45 carbs, 1.4 fiber and 2.6 grams of protein, or 10 PointsPlus.

I did end up adding some pasta water to the sauce – I didn’t want a cheese sauce, but rather the sauce to just coat the pasta – this was pure comfort in a bowl. šŸ˜€

I have to tell you though I was hungry a lot yesterday.  I think I added about 10 points in extras because I was so hungry – a handful of peanuts, a piece of cheese and ham while making dinner, crackers and cheese after dinner.  I think maybe I need to add more protein?

It’s Wednesday so its . . . Hanging With Hannah! šŸ˜€  We are going to go to the gym and swim and then pick up Chipotle and probably come back and watch American Idol.  šŸ˜€

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 41 points
  • 30 minute water jogging
  • 40 minute treadmill jogging (2.75 miles)
  • average blood sugar 151

Happy Wednesday!šŸ˜€  Make it a great day!