I was hoping the weather would have been a bit better on my day off yesterday – we had temps in the low 40s and it was rainy.  That didn’t stop us from having fun though!

I did get up and go swimming!  I got to the gym at 7:40 and every single lap swim lane was open – I swam from 7:45 to 8:25 and I was the only one in the pool the whole time.  šŸ˜€  And then I sat in the hot whirl pool tub for five minutes – it was the perfect way to start the day.

Before I left to meet my sister and Mom, I made half a bagel egg sammie – none of the pictures turned out (really, hardly any natural light at 9:00 in the morning??!!), but I have a new cheese that my store now carries – it’s like they asked me to make my own cheese!  My breakfast sammie was 6 points.

We met my sister at her office and went to a Chinese restaurant called Szechwan Beijing.  It had gotten good reviews according to their website – my dish was perfect.  I ordered the kung pao shrimp and asked for extra broccoli (which I think I got 5 pieces?).  The shrimp was not breaded, cooked perfectly and a nice spicy bite.  Hannah’s sweet and sour chicken looked more like corn dog battered chicken – she wasn’t a fan.  My mom’s shrimp in lobster sauce was salty, and my sisters chicken fried rice was just okay – oh well, can’t win them all!

I am guessing 10 points for lunch – does that sound too low?

I love this picture of Nana and Hannah:

And when I went to take a picture of my sister and my Mom, Hannah jumped in at the last second!

And here is a perfect example of how not to take a picture yourself:

My Mom, Jenn and me – I can’t believe we have to wear winter coats!

We spent the afternoon going to three different thrift stores.  I bought a brand new pair of Gap lounging pants for $2.99, and some t-shirts to work out in.  We laughed when Hannah would all of a sudden break into dance without warning – so funny!  I’ll have to see if she’ll let me video tape it, because it’s hilarious. šŸ˜€

We then went to one of my favorite stores in Forest Park, called Flavour Cooking School. Not only do they have tons of cooking classes, but they have a retail portion too – while I drooled over the ridiculously expensive Le Creuset tea kettles, I walked out with some bamboo wooden spoons – I only had one wooden spoon at home!

We picked up my sisters son Mark from school and went out for ice cream – lunch didn’t stick with us that long.  They had a sugar free moosetracks, but it was mostly chocolate, and I am not a huge fan of all chocolate ice cream.  So I had a zero point cup of coffee. šŸ˜€

Once back at my Mom’s house, I went through all of my Dad’s photography drawers.  He was such an avid photographer, and while he didn’t make prints of every roll he took, he made a contact sheet, clipped the negatives to that, and then perfectly described the contents in a manila folder.  There literally are THOUSANDS of pictures.  I took a few folders home with me – you may be seeing some flashback Friday posts soon. šŸ˜€

Hannah and I made our way home.  We had one of Hannah’s favorite dinners – sliders and fries.  My burgers: 3 oz. lean beef, 2 refrigerator biscuits, 4 ounces of potatoes, and I count 1 point for the oil the fries were fried in.  Dinner is 10 Points.

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 37 points (including 4 points for rice crackers eaten on our way home and wine) šŸ˜€
  • eTools said I only earned 2 points for swimming – boo!
  • 10 flex points remaining, 9 activity points earned
  • average blood sugar 98

Question of the Day:  Has spring sprung where you live?  I just saw on the news that our temps will be in the 20’s tonight with a possibility of snow – WTH?!