Ten years ago this morning I woke up and married my best friend!  I can’t believe it’s been ten years already.  It’s weird, but I must have been one of the few girls growing up that never really thought of my wedding day.  I didn’t have a binder of colors for bridesmaid dresses, or stacks of pictures of wedding dresses.  All I knew when I met Tony was that I wanted to marry him.  Didn’t matter where, or what I was wearing.

Since we got married in Naples, Florida where my parents in law live, I have to thank my MIL Bonnie for putting a lot of it together.  She ordered the flowers, booked the hotel where we got married on the beach, and they paid for our first dinner as a married couple – thank you!

We’ve been through a lot these last ten years.  We’ve watched both our kids graduate from high school.  We have had our health issues – me becoming insulin dependent diabetic a few years ago.  Tony has had three knee replacements, and in 2007 I almost lost him when his aortic heart valve failed and he had to have it replaced – he was in the hospital 16 days that time – so scary!

But we are by no means the perfect couple, not even sure that exists.  We have our share of fights and disagreements, mostly agreeing to disagree.  But we respect each other for who we are – we are exactly the same people we were when me met.  I never had to pretend I was someone I wasn’t – and we respect each other.   And maybe even after ten years, my heart still skips a beat when he walks in the room! 😀

I was 32 years old when I met Tony and Hannah was 8.

look at how short my hair is! I was about 140 in this picture

Tony was 39 and Joe was 11.

Here is a picture at my company picnic – literally three weeks after we met but we were already comfortable with each other.

We got married at sunset on a beach outside of the LaPlaya hotel in Naples, Florida.  The weather was perfect.  Hannah was our maid of honor and Joe was the best man.  Then just my Mom and Tony’s parents.

While our kids stayed in Naples with Tony’s parents, we went to Key West on our honeymoon.  We flew in the tiniest plane – scared the shit out of me, but I was surprised at how smooth the ride was.

Us having a few drinks before getting back on the plane to go back to Naples 😀

And we’ve had a few vacations:

this was after a winery tour - can't remember where we were though (and I wan't those calf muscles back!)
I think this was in Wisconsin?
this was after a day on a boat in Door County
also in Door County - when we rent boats on our vacations its always our favorite day

He loves taking pictures with me!

And this is what he looks like when I say “just one more!”

And he loves me so much he takes me to places only I want to go – now that’s love! 😀

And he loves our kids – watching them grow up these last ten years has been wonderful!

It’s been quite a ride!  And I wouldn’t change a second of it.  I love you Tony and look forward to the next ten years!

Did you have a big or small wedding?  Curious to see!

I’ll be back to my regular posting tomorrow and catch up with all of you then.  Make it a great day!

I love that smile! 😀