When I saw how much leftover corned beef I would have, I immediately decided to make a Reuben quiche for breakfast yesterday morning.  Allison, you will love this!

Reuben Quiche (printer friendly version here)

Makes 4 servings (255 calories, 16 fat, 3.7 carbs, .4 fiber and 23 protein)


3 eggs
1 cup egg whites
6 ounces corned beef
2 ounces Swiss cheese
2 ounces sauerkraut
1 pinch of pepper
1/2 cup 2% milk


  1. Chop leftover corned beef into bite sized pieces. Dice up Swiss cheese and chop sauerkraut.
  2. Put whole eggs in large bowl and mix well. Add egg whites and remaining ingredients. Pour into pie plate and bake at 350 for 40 minutes, or until set and browned on top.
  3. There is enough salt in the corned beef and cheese that you don’t need to add any additional.

it was really hard to wait for this to cool enough to cut šŸ˜€

My plate:

This was so good!  I thought the sauerkraut might be weird in a quiche, but all the ingredients worked wonderfully together.  This one is a keeper!

After Hannah and I went to the grocery store, we decided to do our long walk/jog.  It took us 50 minutes.  We then drove to see how far it was, both joking back and forth that it was probably 6 or 9 miles.  Um, turns out it is only a 2.9 walk, but hey, it’s better than nothing! šŸ˜€

nothing but blue skies šŸ˜€

As we were walking, we passed by a Christmas tree farm.

It totally reminded me of our first Christmas together as a family in 2001.  Hannah was 9 and my step-son was 11.  When we first moved to our town in July of 2001, I saw that we had a Christmas tree farm and thought what a great first family memory to have to chop down our first family Christmas tree!  Until we got there and found out they started at $65!

No way we were going to spend that much money on a tree (and have to do all the work!) so we went to the VFW hall and got a $19 tree.  Tony chopped off the bottom of the tree before we put it in our tree stand.  Joe took the stump and peeled off the bark and just started sanding it.  He sanded it for hours!  When I asked him what he was going to do with it, he said he couldn’t decide.

So Christmas morning, Joe hands me a gift.  This is what was inside:

He hand painted a snowman for me!  I was so touched because it was such a loving gesture and I really felt happy that I had married his Dad.   Fast forward nine years and this is the first snowman I look for to put out and the last one I put away.   I love you Joe! (even though you beat me in football picks this week!) šŸ˜€

When we got back from our walk it was already 3:30, so I just heated up a cup of my butternut squash soup and a few crackers to tide me over until dinner.

So for dinner I found a recipe for Chicken Cordon Blue from Kaylyn’s Kitchen.   In the recipe she said not to skip buying grueyere cheese because it made the dish.  When I went to my deli, I couldn’t find it behind the deli counter, but asked if they had it.  He found it, showed it to me and I said “why don’t you cut me one big slice about an inch and a half.”  He handed the cheese to me, I got some buffalo style turkey breast, threw the stuff in my cart and headed to the check out.

It wasn’t until I got home and noticed how expensive it was!

I thought it was delicious paired with brown rice.  Although I think Tony was disappointed, because when I said “how about Chicken Cordon Blue for dinner?”  I think he was thinking of those frozen ones when you cut into them butter just oozes all over.  Mine were sans butter, but still delicious. šŸ˜€

Even though I spent $11+ dollars on cheese, I still had a great grocery shop:

On the menu:  (remember breakfast and lunch is just me)


  • Reuben Quiche
  • breakfast pizza with gluten free flour
  • egg mcmuffin with canteloupe
  • oatmeal pancakes
  • egg white omelet with black beans, pepper and cheese


  • butternut squash soup and salad
  • buffalo chicken chili over spaghetti squash
  • Pork posole stew with cheese quesadilla
  • brown rice and sausage stuffed zucchini
  • stuffed pepper with gluten free pasta


  • Salisbury steak with green beans
  • chicken wings/celery/blue cheese dressing
  • asian pork chops with stir fry veggies and brown rice
  • grilled chicken chopped cobb salad
  • cauliflower crust pizza (going to try that again!)

So while I had a great time being home this past week, it will nice to get back into a routine.  I didn’t drink nearly enough water, so I decided to skip this week’s weigh in and will step on the scale next Monday.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  Happy Monday! šŸ˜€