I can’t even believe I am typing this!  Remember how I told you that AT&T and Scripps, the producer of FoodTV, HGTV and Cooking Channel couldn’t reach an agreement?  They said that as of October 31, if an agreement wasn’t reached, I’d no longer get those channels.  I remember calling Tony on Monday morning and saying “turn on 451” (FoodTV) and he said it was on!  Woot!  I was so happy.

Until yesterday.  My co-worker called and said her husband read an article that an agreement was not in fact reached.  I immediately called Tony – you can’t even enter channel 451, it jumps to the next available channel.

There is a scrolling message on the bottom that says “AT&T is fighting for you!”   Almost every TV show in my DVR is from FoodTV!  I am a sad panda! 🙁  Tony was trying to be comforting by saying “there are a few cooking shows on Channel 11?”  We used to have Direct TV’s football package – Tony could get every game, until DirectTV pissed us off and we switched to AT&T.  So now I know what it feels like for Tony not to be able to watch all the football games – I get it now! 😀

I was up so early yesterday that I had time to do Jillian’s Quick Zone 25 minute work out on Exercise on demand.  I really like that one – it is all strength training and I can definitely feel it, even with 4 pound weights!

When I worked at a bar in my 20’s, the cook that I worked with had pepper and egg sandwiches every Friday all through lent.  Although he got it “dipped” which means it was dipped in beef au jus – I always argued with him that it was like eating meat, but he fought me tooth and nail that because it “tasted” like beef didn’t mean he actually ate it!

I was wondering what to fix for breakfast yesterday morning when I saw a green pepper in my bowl on my counter.  I poked it with a knife, and then put it in the microwave on “fresh vegetable.”  I scrambled two eggs and put that in a container.

When I got to work, the pepper had cooled, I cut it, removed the stem and seeds and then put 1 ounce of Canadian bacon in each half, 1 scrambled egg and 1 slice of muenster cheese, then put it under the broiler until nice and bubbly.   This was really delicious!

445 calories, 7.8 carbs, 37 protein, 30 fat and 2 fiber

I had leftover veggies from the stir fry, still more leftover beef from the roast we made on Sunday (I think I used that roast in 5 dishes this week!).  I looked in my cabinet and saw that I had this:

And I remembered I bought some lemongrass.  I didn’t have a plan for it, but I’ve never been able to find it in my regular grocery store so I grabbed it – 5 large stalks for $2!

Have you ever used lemongrass?  It has such a wonderful citrus flavor.  You peel back the leaves, and you use it to flavor soups – don’t eat it though!  I just kept throwing things into my pot:  1.5 cups chicken broth, 1/4 cup coconut milk, 2 teaspoons red curry paste, the leftover veggies and 3 ounces of the beef.

I forgot I added mushrooms, but I didn’t eat them – don’t mind the flavor, its a texture thing.  This was the perfect flavorful spicy!  But the star of the show I think is the lemongrass!

413 calories, 19.8 carbs, 38 protein, 21 fat and 2.7 fiber

I went to the gym so I could get my FoodTV fix!  I watched Rachael Ray and she had a great idea for chili fries – not in the sense that you are thinking though – she cut poblano peppers into “fries” then dipped them in a bit of flour, egg and then bread crumbs that had Parmesan cheese on them and baked them.  When they came out they were nice and crunchy and she made a ranch dip for them.  I am definitely making those after Phase I is over! 😀

I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, 4.0 mph and 2% incline with a 4 pound medicine ball, then did 15 minutes (42 flights) on the stairmaster. 😀

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do for dinner.  No Party Pizza Friday in my house!  Although, earlier in the day I asked Tony what he thought of a chick pea crust?  He replied “I’d rather eat a crust made out of my pee.”   Okay, while he’s not on board with that, I think I am going to try it for myself – who knows, it could be good?! 😀

I am usually the Queen of putting something together out of nothing, but all my ideas were not South Beach friendly.  So Tony suggested KFC’s grilled chicken – perfect!  It was actually really good!  I had 1 chicken breast and 2 wings – this is not a picture of my plate because it was already dark outside and the lighting in my kitchen is awful, so I took this one this morning – there is no breading so no carbs!

My pieces that I ate: 350 calories, 0 carbs 15 fat

But later in the evening, I was hungry – probably the first time all week I’ve been hungry!  I made Tony and I an antipasto plate – pickles, cheese, olives, pepperoni, ham – it hit the spot!  No pics, but I guessed my portion was round 240 calories.

Stats for Friday

  • 1448 calories, 37 carbs, 97 protein, 78 fat, 7.7 fiber
  • 25 minutes Jillian’s Quick Zones strength training
  • 35 minutes treadmill with 4 pound medicine ball
  • 15 minutes stairmaster
  • 5 minute walk with the dog (when its cold, he does his business and wants to come right back home!)

Thanks for everyone who voted for my salad at Chaos in the kitchen.  There is still time to vote if you haven’t already.  Click here.

And tomorrow is the last day for BSI chiles – I’ve gotten so many good recipes – I’ll be posting them on Monday. 😀

I am going to lunch with Hannah to meet my Mom – I haven’t seen her since before she went to her trip to Brazil!   Hopefully she’ll let me post some of her pictures from her trip.

Make it a great day!