Starting into day three of South Beach, I was thinking about what my long term goals are.  When I started this blog over two years ago, I thought my having to be accountable with everything I ate, taking pictures of my food, etc. would almost guilt me into making he right choices.  I remember back in September of 2008 saying I was 160 pounds, and Biggest Loser had just started and that I was going to have my final weigh in the same night as the season finale three months from then.

At the time, I thought 10 pounds a month was an attainable goal.  Well, here I stand over two years later, at 169 pounds.  I decided that it was time to set some goals, so the first thing I did was go to a BMI calculator.  I typed in 5 feet 2 inches, 169 pounds which gives me a BMI of . . .30.9,  According to that calculator I am on the low end of being obese.

Can I just tell you that I don’t feel obese?  Just yesterday during our 45 minute walk at lunch, I ran up the hardest hill carrying 4 pound weights.  Last week I walked on the treadmill at a 5.0 incline, 3.5 mph speed all while throwing a 6 pound medicine ball back and forth for 45 minutes.

So while I don’t want to be a numbers person, I am afraid I have to – based on the BMI calculator, in order to be a “normal” weight for my height, I have to be below 135 pounds, 135 being at the top end.  My diabetes doctor would love for me to be around 125.  So for now, I am just pushing to be a normal weight – so 135 is the goal . . . 34 pounds to go!  When reading Helen’s Tuesday 10 yesterday, I had to agree that I want this blog to be a success story, and I know with my families support and having all of you as my virtual cheerleaders, I will get there! 😀

I do have to say though, I thought by today I would be drooling for a jalapeno cheese bagel, but I am not.  In fact, I haven’t really been remotely hungry between meals.  I actually ate a serving of walnuts throughout my day yesterday because I didn’t think I was eating enough calories for the day!

I had a can of pinto beans in my pantry, and decided to incorporate those into my breakfast.

I dumped the whole can, juice and all in a stock pot, then added garlic, cumin and Mexican oregano (and maybe a couple splashes of Tabasco!) and let it cook for 10 minutes, just until the beans were soft enough to smash with a fork.

So the base of my breakfast was 1/2 cup of the beans, then an egg I cooked in the microwave, 2 slices of crumbled bacon, cheddar cheese and diced red pepper.

with a spoon ful of the last of my baja fresh salsa

I ate this at 9:00, and I didn’t even eat lunch until 1:45 – after our walk, that’s how long this kept me full!

I really liked the bean base - breakfast: 419 calories, 31 carbs, 28 protein, 20 fat and 9,1 fiber

For lunch I had spaghetti squash marinara.  Usually when I microwave a spaghetti squash, I let it cool slightly and then try to scrape it out of the shell – this time I let it cool completely on the counter, put it in my fridge overnight and then scraped it out when it was cold for my lunch bag – it came out perfect!

I just forget how few calories are in spaghetti squash – with my 3/4 cup of meat marinara and 1 teaspoon shredded parmesan, lunch only came in at 276 calories, 37 carbs, 9.4 protein, 11.5 cat and 4.4 fiber.  But considering I ate lunch so late, and snacking on walnuts, I was fine.

I originally had Greek chicken on my menu, but I defrosted pork chops by mistake!  I love vinegar, and a balsamic glaze is one of my favorites.

I just took 5 ounces of vinegar and reduced it until it started to get thick – about 15 minutes.  Meanwhile I put together a cauliflower gratin (minus the bacon – I forgot that part!), and pan fried our pork chops.

I love my flourescent lighting - not!
497 calories, 17.4 carbs, 53 protein, 24 fat and 4.3 fiber

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 1389 calorie,s 89 carbs, 94 protein, 75 fat and 19.8 fiber
  • 49% of calories from fat
  • 45 minute walk with 4 pound weights
  • Blood Sugar Average 112

Shout Out Time!

  • I won Danica’s $75 Wholly Guacamole Gift Basket (thank goodness avocados are South Beach friendly – I would have hated to win a bread basket! 😀 )
  • Errign of Errign’s Adventures has a CSN giveaway for $45!  You have until November 10 to enter.
  • It’s not too late to enter your BSI – of Chiles! You have until Sunday, November 7th to enter – just link to me and send me an email at and let me know 😀
  • My Boston friend Beth @ 990 Square is up for a local blogging award – if you have time, I’d love it if you stopped by her blog and voted for her – she makes amazing food people and has stunning photos – not just of food either! 😀

Make it a good day!