UPDATE:   I did not make it to the next round – but thanks to everyone who voted for me! 😀

I find out if I made it to the next round of Project Food Buzz – a big thank you to everyone who voted for me! 😀

If I make it to the next round, you have to make a luxurious dinner – what is the most luxurious dinner you’ve had?

I worked at a restaurant that had the best lobster bisque – they sold it for $7 a cup, and for another $7 dollars you could add lump lobster meat, and for another $3 dollars, a small shot of sherry to pour into the soup to kick it up another notch – I cannot tell you how many $17 cups of soup I sold when I described to the customers how much better the soup was with lobster meat and sherry!  (okay, I may not have told them exactly how much “enhancing” their soup would cost!)

As I was driving to work yesterday, I realized that I had put together my lunch, but not a thing for my breakfast!  I stopped at Panera and got their “power” breakfast sandwich on multi-grain bread.

First off, since it was off the panini press and put in a bag, by the time I got to work, my bread was a bit soggy.  So I put it in our toaster oven at work for a couple minutes which worked wonders.

360 calories, 36 carbs, 121 protein, 14 fat and 4 fiber

The verdict?  Eh, it was okay.  Caloriecount gives it a C- grade for being high in cholesterol.  I wasn’t sure it was going to be filling, but it was.  But for $4 bucks, I wished I would have made mine at home!

I ended up doing the elliptical for 45 minutes during lunch – although since its so nice today, I think I may need to walk at lunch!

I cannot stress how much I love having a full kitchen at work!  Yesterday I kicked up my leftover beef and broccoli take out from the night before.  I added red, yellow and orange peppers, more broccoli and some noodles:

The package said to put in boiling water for three minutes and then add to your favorite stir fry.  I did that exactly, but somehow the noodles kind of clumped together once I put them in my stir fry – maybe I didn’t cook them long enough?

yep, I even have a cutting board at work! 😀

see how the noodles are like one big mass on the left hand side? I probably ate 1/3 of them
but I got a lot of veggies in! 460 calories, 14 carbs, 11 protein, 9 fat and 13 fiber

I can’t find my cell phone.  I swear, in the last couple years I’ve lost my keys, my wallet, and now my cell phone!  Um, I may have even lost Hannah at Whole Foods when she was little (although at the time I told her she did a great job at hide and seek!!)  Luckily I found her! 😀

I called the cell phone place and I can get a new phone under contract next month – but Hannah was eligible for a new phone.  She went yesterday afternoon and I just had to meet her after work to sign the paperwork.  She got a blackberry “snap” and I couldn’t even figure out how to make a phone call and she scrolling through it in about 10 minutes showing me all the features.

I have such a basic phone – think one step up from the Jitterbug!

I had burgers and fries on the menu last night – the fries usually take the longest, but I decided to try something different.  I baked the potatoes first in the microwave.   While the deep fryer was getting to temperature, I put the baked potatoes from the microwave to the freezer so they would be easier to slice.

Then I cooked the burgers – I made these patties really flat, but they always plump up on me – I have no idea why?!

The fries?  I’ll never make them another way – crispy on the outside, yet still tender on the inside.  And because I use our deep fryer, it holds a perfect temperature so they were not greasy at all.

My plate:  3 ounce burger, 1 ounce cheddar cheese, whole wheat bun, 1 slice of bacon, and 1 medium potato fries:

579 calories, 66 carbs, 22 protein, 27 fat and 4 fiber

My favorite though (besides the fries!) was my ketchup and mustard 😀


And guess what?  We are ordering pizza tonight!  We both have a taste for deep dish – still trying to figure out what kind of crust Tony likes so I can try to recreate it.

Question of the Day – what pizza would you choose if you had to pick just one:  Thin crust or deep dish?

Happy Friday!