First off – thanks for all your birthday comments yesterday! 😀

I got up early yesterday morning to finish the carrot cake – it needed to be frosted.  I used to have two 8 inch round cake pans, but as usual, I could only find one!  So I ended up putting all the batter into a 10 inch round so it was really tall.  I let it cool overnight, then using a bread knife, cut the cake in half and made it a double layer – note to self – next time I’ll have to make more frosting!

Tony got up and started watching the news.  Every time someone drove by our house they honked their horn!  Tony finally got up and realized the lawn was decorated!  His sister came while it was still dark – she had a sign that said – “Honk – Tony’s 50!”

Thanks Jody!

So Tony wanted to go to a really good deli, and he found one in Skokie.  He had forwarded the menu to me last week and I loved what I saw – I think the Reuben sandwich is probably my favorite sandwich of all time – but I am picky about my corned beef.  If I have to tug at the meat, that pretty much ruins the sandwich for me.  It needs to be tender!

So after a leisurely hour drive, we arrive!  Gotta love the sign in the window!

Seriously my mouth started to water as we walked in.  But guess what?  It wasn’t a sit down restaurant!  I don’t know if we confused two places, but this place was not indicative of the menu we saw – that menu even had a Reuben strudel that I wanted to know what it was!  We walked in and one side was a bagel shop, the other side was a giant deli like you’d find at grocery store.  So weird!

No problem, we’ll just plug Deli into the GPS and find another one.  Um, we could not find another deli!!  Two that came up on our GPS were out of business even.  So after another 20+ minutes of driving, we ended up here:


Superdawg has been on so many shows, yet I had never been!  So the obvious choice was to get a hot dog.  My dog had everything but onions and I added hot peppers.  It comes in this box piping hot.

you basically have to eat through the fries to get to the hot dog - um, no problem!
the hot dog was so flavorful and juicy 😀

Hands down, the best hot dog I’ve ever had!  Pretty sure I heart Superdawg!

We then drove to Whole Foods (Kate – your package is going in the mail today finally!)  Just so happens we were walking by the gelato section and each decided to get a small.  Tony got a taffy apple gelato that was amazing.  Hannah got the coffee gelato and I got toffee crunch.

yep, this is insulin worthy!

Hannah had night school so when we got home we opened presents and just hung out.  When Hannah left for school Tony and I went out for sushi.  This is one of Tony’s favorite – a shrimp head – I can’t stand the beady eyes and the way they crunch when he eats it!

I got a crazy boy roll – and Hannah actually got done from school early and met us and ended up ordering the same thing – Tony did ask for hot sauce for me – last time they brought me Tabasco, but this time they gave me a dish of chili oil – holy yum did that kick up my rolls!  Pretty sure there aren’t any calories in oil, right?! 😀

Happy Birthday Tony!
lighting the cake . . . Hannah is an expert since she works at a birthday party place!
see how I need just a touch more frosting in the middle? delicious none the less

I thought I would still enter my food into calorieking, but I decided not to!  I had a great day with you Tony!  He left me the nicest note this morning – he said “I got the greatest gift of all when I met you – everything else is just gravy.”

How lucky am I?! 😀 😀

And while we celebrated my Mom’s birthday last weekend – today is her actual birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!