Since I didn’t go to the pool yesterday morning I had so much time I put together a parmesan zucchini casserole for my lunch yesterday.  While it was baking I did a 15 minute AM yoga.  I was then putting my stuff together and realized I never made my breakfast!  So in true un-Bizlike fashion, I had this:

The verdict?  It actually wasn’t too bad!  But I think I could kick it up a notch by adding diced red peppers, baby spinach, etc.  It needed Tabasco too!  I had this with a cup of apple slices – turns out not enough calories for my work out – breakfast comes in at 295 calories, 36 carbs, 23 protein, 7.2 fat and 5 fiber.

The bike ride I chose was called Rough Rider and it was an 8.8 mile ride.  I was wondering why it was such a hard ride (other than the fact that it had like a 20 minute hill climb!), but I think I should have eaten something before working out.  But boy did I sweat!

gross and cool at the same time!

And in the course of the ride, it showed that I “won” a new trophy – I’ve made the Centurion Club having ridden 100 miles! 😀

I love, love, love the zucchini casserole I made.  I nearly dropped it taking it out of the oven though!   You can print a copy of the recipe here.

You start with sauce on the bottom, then layer the zucchini that’s been blanched for 5 minutes.  That’s probably one reason I like this dish so much, because even after baking, the zucchini still has a bite to it – not a huge fan of mushy zucchini.

I melted 1 teaspoon of butter and cooked 1/2 a cup of Panko bread crumbs until browned - it gave the topping an extra flavor

The best part is that I made this casserole four servings, and 1 serving is: 347 calories, 11 fat, 47.3 carbs, 5.2 fiber and 15.3 protein.

you can tell I hated it! with a slice of garlic bread using I can't believe its not butter, lunch is 453 calories, 63 carbs, 18.6 protein, 14 fatand 5.9 fiber

I have two people to thank for last nights dinner.  One is Adam from Man v. Food – he had a slider contest where he had to eat 12 sliders in 30 minutes.  Food won that time!  And then Mary at Foodoelmundo for her Italian burger recipe.  I adapted it a tiny bit to serve 3 people.  The tomato compote made the burger for me though!  Check out all her mouth watering burgers hereYou can print out my recipe here.

First make the tomato compote because it gets better the longer it sits.

I'll definitely buy these again - they were so soft!

Of course, if its hot outside, it’s okay for the cook to have a beer 😀

Skinny dip is the light beer of Fat Tire - its so good

The sliders don’t take long to cook at all, so I cooked the unphotographed corn first for about 10 minutes before adding the burgers.

so juicy and flavorful - love the basil peeking through

Two sliders, without the bun (because I didn’t know what kind of bun I was going to use when putting into, comes in at 359 calories, 23 fat, 3.7 carbs, .7 fiber and 31.8 protein.  My dinner with corn on the cob and buns: 652 calories, 59 carbs, 41 protein, 30 fat and 1.7 fiber.

Stats for Thursday:

  • 1,502 calories, 176 carbs, 83 protein, 54 fat, 12.6 fiber
  • 32% of calories from fat
  • 15 minute AM yoga
  • 40 minute 8.8 bike ride

Hannah doesn’t work today, so she’s going to scoop me up at lunch so we can go to some garage sales.  Looking forward to pizza party Friday too!  Tony and I are recreating a pizza seen on BBQ University:  potato and bacon pizza with parmesan and mozzarella cheese with Italian parsley and basil.  Okay, my mouth just watered a bit when I typed that. 😀