We had a really big storm on Friday, and we found out that my SIL was still without power yesterday!  So since we have a big deep freeze, she brought over stuff that could still be kept frozen, but a bunch of meat thawed and needed to be cooked up.

She came over and then later in the afternoon my nephew and his son came over too.  Tony hadn’t even decided what he wanted for Papa Day, but we cooked up some of Jody’s meat – problem solved!

And Tony’s son Joe spent the day with us, which was so nice.  He’s got big plans coming up in his life . . .he and his girlfriend are moving to Austin, Texas next month!  Joe is 20 and his girlfriend Liz is 19.  What age were you when you moved out of your parents house?

I decided to make a couple loaves of 5-Minute Artisan bread.  Look at how much it rose in 2 hours!

I had a bag of red potatoes and decided to make a potato salad on the side.  Only one problem – not a huge fan of mayo!  I searched tastespotting, and found this recipe.  I subbed balsamic vinegar for her red wine vinegar, and in the end I did add 1/4 cup of mayo because it was a bit dry otherwise.  Everyone loved it though!

I roasted the potatoes at 425 for 50 minutes while the bread baked

I cooked up a 1/2 slab of beef ribs and a package of pork loin ends

I also made Kevin’s asparagus mimosa, which I thought was delicious!   I found out that my SIL doesn’t like asparagus 🙁

My plate:

I have to get my ass in gear this week.  I’ve promised Susan that I am going to do 30-day shred at least three times this week.

I didn’t track my calories at all this weekend, which invariably means more licks, tastes, etc. are not recorded.  I told myself I wasn’t going to weigh in until July 1, and I am still going to keep that date, but I feel fat.  I need to get my water in and record every bite I eat.

I still haven’t done a full grocery shop!  The weekend went by way to quick.  Off to clean out the refrigerator and see what my options are – have a great Monday!

I talked to Hannah! It was the first time we talked on the phone since she’s been gone and it was wonderful to hear her voice.  We have been communicating by email, but the phone call made me miss her even more.  She’s having a good time, although she says that it feels like she’s been gone three months!

But I am not going to lie, Tony and I have been enjoying our empty nest!