Yep, the day after Thanksgiving and it’s officially snowman time!  I switch purses:


And I brought out my first snowman!  He’s skating, but I just love his face!  😀


After a leisurely morning, I finally made breakfast around 10.  1.5 ounces of my homemade bread, 1.5 ounces sliced ham, 1 Pam fried egg and 1 ounce of mozzarella with half an apple.  Even though you can’t see it, the HAM was the star of this sammie!  Much to Tony’s dismay, I plan on making ham macaroni and cheese with some of the rest of the leftovers!


Then I had a project that was on my list of things to do while I was off of work:  THE BASEMENT!  While the rest of our house is always in a pretty clean state, the basement over time just becomes a dumping ground.  And as the piles get bigger, the less enthused I am to do anything about it.  And poor Hannah, my Type A neat freak sighs every time she walks down there!  But today was the day!  And seriously, all told, I probably was only down there a total of four hours!  But in that 4 hours I managed to bag thirteen bags of garbage!  Plastic containers with no lids, art supplies that have long dried up – all gone!  It feels good! 😀

By then I was starving.  We decided to meet up with Hannah after her work.  While this place is famous for its wings, Tony and I hate that the sauce they put on just pools in the bottom of the basket.  So I went with:


Holy cow was this good!  I had it Southwest, which had pepper jack cheese, onion straws (think tiny straight onion rings) and a spicy southwest ranch sauce.  While I had every intention of eating half of it, before I knew it, it was all gone!  Along with about 10 curly fries!


I didn’t feel overly stuffed at the time, but about an hour later, I was STUFFED!  So I felt guilty and went to the gym!  I did the elliptical:


And burned this many calories:


I then did 5 minutes of abs on the balance ball – I felt a whole lot better!  And I am still not hungry, so I may have a 300 calorie snack later on tonight.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1,131 calories (+300 later on)
  • 45 fat
  • 110 carbs
  • 71 protein
  • 6 fiber 🙁
  • 45 minute elliptical
  • 5 minute abs
  • 15 minute walk with the dog

Hannah has no work tomorrow – she’s been working so much this week we haven’t spent hardly any time together.  So our plan is to hit TONS of thrift stores tomorrow and go to Tree Classics to maybe get some LED lights for our deck.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday and didn’t have to work!  See you tomorrow.