Yesterday I ran for 9.0 mph for 30 seconds, and actually I felt I could go for even longer!  However, at 163 pounds (um, and age 41!) I couldn’t make it to 10 mph.

Growing up I was a four season athlete.  Fall was Field Hockey (my friend Ashley will appreciate this!), Winter was indoor track, Spring was outdoor track then summer was softball.  Turns out if you work out 2+ hours a day, you can pretty much eat whatever you want.  I have distinct memories of hitting the food court after practice, maybe eating cheese fries, a slice of pie, THEN going home to dinner!  When I graduated high school I was 116 pounds!

You are going to love this early 80’s picture of me (my freshman year) – I was a sprinter in high school.  Dig the glasses!


I am positive my Dad took this picture, because he loved filming in black and white.  Look at the vintage Nike running shoes!  Then fast forward to senior year of high school:


What I am trying to get at is that I feel that the athlete within me is still alive and kicking, just trying to get out!  And what I need to do is get back to lots of exercise – not only to help control my diabetes, but to kick start the last 30 pounds I need to lose.

Goals for this Week:

  • minimum of 60 minutes of exercise each day (Sunday is my day off!)
  • drink 80 ounces of water
  • maintain calories around 1500
  • limit carbs to 150 a day

I ended up having to work 7.5 hours today. :(   I had a quick breakfast before leaving the house – 2 ounces of my pesto bread egg sammie, and delicious fruit on the side – seriously the best raspberries and blackberries I’ve had in a long time!



I actually didn’t think I was going to be at work so long, so I had to scrounge for food at lunch.  i went to the freezer at work and was happily surprised that I had Chicken Brunswick Stew there!  Although it wasn’t packaged very well, and had a slight "freezer burn” taste – it was hot in a cold office, so it fit the bill!


What does Biz make for dinner on a Sunday when she worked all day?


Yep – the Queen of pizza making ordered delivery pizza!  I was so hungry, I ended up eating SIX RECTANGLES!  But I still think in the whole grand scheme of things, I did okay.

What are you doing to find your inner athlete?  Let’s have a kick ass week!  See you tomorrow night! 😀