This week has kind of gone by really fast – with my overtime at work this week, I am REALLY ready for the weekend!  Since I got home late last night, and there was so much to watch on the DVR – who watches Modern Family?  That show kills!  The cast is perfect!  And then there were some of my food shows.  Man v. Food and Top Chef.  I am kind of getting sick of the sibling rivalry between Michael and Brian, and Jenn is just a bit too of a perfectionist to me.  But I love Kevin – he’s the one that won the Pork to Pinot contest last week – he has a chance of going all the way!

So since I didn’t put my food together last night, I set my alarm for 7:00, giving me plenty of time to put together a great breakfast and lunch.  I seriously can leave my house at 8:30 and be at my desk at 8:45 – how cool is that!  (another reason why I should get my ass up and go to the gym!) 😀

I reheated coffee from yesterday since there was so much leftover.  Does anyone else do that but me?  Because I wanted this:


I still haven’t seen it in the grocery store, but when Tony stops at 7-11 for pop, he steals puts a couple in his pocket for me.  So sweet!

I decided to take my shower first, then when I got out, I heard my phone beep.  It was my boss.  I tried to call her back, but got voicemail, but checked my email and saw some documents that needed revisions and emailed out asap.  So I left the house without my lunch bag!  I felt naked. 😀

By 9:00, my document sent, I went to the cafe in the building next door.  I knew they just announced they had an egg sandwich, so I got one.  It was okay.  But do you think this is worth $3?  I added liberal amounts of Tabasco 😀


So what to do for lunch?  My office drawer was bear (need to fix that stat!).  Usually I have tomato soup, crackers.  Today all that was left was a lone packet of hot chocolate.  But then I remembered that I had pizza I brought the other day and never ate – it saved the day!


My friend Cassie at work knows how busy I have been, and as an act of kindness (and a way to bribe me not to quit!) she left these goodies on my chair!


How nice was that?  I left the coffee at work and brought the rest of the loot home – and I am wearing the socks right now – so warm and comfy on this rainy night!  Thanks Cassie!

I made a lasagna with the remainder of my Italian Sunday Gravy a couple days ago, and it was so nice just walk in the door, turn on the oven and pop it in!  45 minutes later – it was all cheezy!


And I was craving a salad! 


I found some radishes in my veggie drawer – I love them, but never think about them!

Biggest Loser Spoiler!

I figure by today, even if you couldn’t watch it on Tuesday, you’ve watched it by now.  Did anyone think it was weird that Shay’s step-kids didn’t run to the door to greet her, or even know where she had been for that matter?  And poor Dina – she goes home, and everyone around her is eating like crap – did you see her husband order the 2 pound burrito AND a plate of sliders!  I did notice when they went back to see how she’s doing, there were no pictures of her husband around – and her son was just so darn cute! 😀

If you want to get the best recap of Biggest Losergo here!  Another reason I like her is that she loves the movie Its A Wonderful Life and cries at each viewing – just like me!  😀

I am about to make a pot of Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup for my lunch tomorrow – you’ll have to come back for the recipe! 

Off to watch The Office and snuggle with Tony on this rainy night – see you tomorrow!