I worked a little late last night, and by the time I got home and we ate dinner, I was too comfy snuggling with Tony to blog! 😀

I didn’t do my www.calorieking.com yesterday!  But I don’t think I did too bad.  This morning my blood sugar was 85 so I am happy with that!  As I type, Tony is making my breakfast – his eggs are always so fluffy!

So we made breakfast for all the attorneys in our office yesterday, its become a Bosses Day tradition.  The best part?  My friend Cassie makes Belgian Waffles!  But what I really wanted was the coffee cakes!  Holy yum!  This one was cheese:


But I really wanted the apple one!


Apple danish always reminds me of my Dad, because he loved anything apple – but mostly he loved Dunkin Donuts Apple Fritters.  He used to keep them in our bread box, and if I reached in and noticed that there was one in there I’d look at him and he’d say “How did that get in there?”  My Dad was also insulin dependent diabetic, but he just gave himself more insulin to indulge.  And truth be told, I sometimes do the same thing.  That’s the good and bad with insulin – you can just adjust to eat whatever you want!

But my plate was pretty good.  The star of the plate was my friend Cassie’s “cassierole.”  It’s your standard egg casserole with eggs, sausage, cheese and bread – so fricken good!  And I used my sugar free syrup! :D  Smucker’s in my opinion has the best sugar free syrup.


Since I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to have for breakfast, I made sure lunch was healthy.  Spaghetti squash pasta with spinach!


Seriously, until about a year ago, I never even tried spaghetti squash and I absolutely love it!  Thanks goes to Roni too, who has some great spaghetti squash recipes! 😀

Tony wasn’t in the mood for Pizza Party Friday, so I stopped and picked up a New York strip for dinner (50% off bin – $4 steak!) and remembered that we had snow crab in the freezer.  When I walked into the store, the first thing I saw was Rice a Roni.  I haven’t had that in ages, but picked up the $1 box.




The snow crab was on sale a couple weeks ago for $5.99 a pound, so all together, Tony and I had steak and crab for about $10 – nice date in night dinner!

Tony is taking me to the restaurant supply store today!  I may come home with more than a pizza peel! 😀

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday – come on back tonight to see what I got!