I tend to just take it for granted, but I LOVE that my husband is handy!  He can fix just about any problem around the house, and the maintenance on the cars?  He’s #1!  Turns out both my brake pads needed to be replaced on the Explorer and $75 dollars and one hour later – new brakes!  Thanks Tony! 

It’s so funny, but our dog Ed usually sleeps with Hannah until the wee hours of the morning, and then for some reason, comes into our bedroom and sleeps on the floor, on a blanket at the foot of the bed.  It isn’t until one of us says “morning!” to the other one than all of a sudden he feels he can just crawl into bed and join us.  And while he is perfectly capable of jumping straight on the bed, he does his slow crawl as if to say “is it okay to come into bed, well I’ll just go slowly and maybe they won’t notice!” 

This mornings greeting was when Tony said “Mama Rini’s?!” and Ed was in our bed immediately!   I don’t know what it is about diner coffee, but I love it!


And I always love the butter/jelly bowl!  I heart jelly, but didn’t have any this time.


My Aunt Bea used to make hot pepper jelly and give it out every year at Christmas.  She passed away years ago, but I think I need to bring that tradition back!  All my nieces and nephews call me “Aunt B.” already anyway!

i threw caution to the wind and ordered the corned beef hash breakfast.  Words cannot describe the crunchy exterior with the tender softness of the potato!


But I didn’t eat all of it!  My guess is my plate (what I ate) came in at 489 calories, 31 fat, 17 protein, 32 carbs and 5.5 fiber.  The picture below is what I left behind.


Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things – they had tomatoes on sale for .49 cents a pound so I picked up a big bag – 7 pounds!  It wasn’t until I looked at the receipt and realized that they had charged me for vine ripened tomatoes at $1.99 a pound!  I quickly went to the service desk and got my $10.05 dollars back – always check your receipt!

This particular store has a wonderful deli, but also a wonderful bakery.  Just take a look!



This devil dog kind of reminds me of a homemade Suzy-Q!  And they always have fresh bread, that is warm to the touch.


So when we got home I tried to finish my crab bisque from the leftover crab from Tony’s birthday dinner.  I used the shells to make the stock.  I simmered the shells in 6 cups of chicken broth.  The broth was amazingly good!


The soup, however, did not turn out.  It never got thick and I think I overdid the garlic in the soup!  So while my soup was scratched for lunch, that didn’t interfere with a delicious Pam grilled cheese sandwich.  I used 1 slice of Pepperidge Farm 15 grain bread, 1.5 ounces of “white cheese” from our cheese ends we get at the store.  For whatever reason, the cheese pooled to one side – this delicious sammie comes in at 181 calories, 7.8 fat, 12.6 protein, 14 carbs and 2 fiber.


Tony was hungry by the time he finished working on the car.  I ended up picking off the meat from our fried chicken dinner leftovers, and made a chicken salad, bacon and tomato sammie – he said it was really good!


Hannah was working so it was another date night for me and Tony.  Tony always complained about mine and Hannah’s music, so for his birthday I got him an mp3 player.  We enjoyed listening to young Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  I cracked open the last of my Sam Adams!  And while I am sad to see Summer Ale go, I love Octoberfest!


It was a gorgeous afternoon – Ed just loves being outside!


He doesn’t sit still though!  I made this one black and white.


Since the deep fryer was still out,  I decided to make potato skins as an appetizer for us.  We each had 3 ounces of potato skins, 1 ounce of cheese and 1 piece of cooked bacon.  I added 1/2 tsp. of oil for the frying, so each serving comes in at 227 calories, 12.2 fat, 12.3 protein, 19 cabs and 1.9 fiber.  Here they are out of the fryer.



For dinner I had to use up some steak.  Then I realized I had shrimp in the freezer, so scampi shrimp was added!  I love how pretty the tails are on this shrimp when raw!


I added 1 ounce of scampi butter to my cast iron skillet and let the butter melt while the shrimp cooked, then added them just at the end.


I had three steaks to cook and have plenty of leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!  Love the grill marks!


I ate 5 shrimp, half my steak and about 1/2 ounce of scampi butter.  Dinner comes in at 354 calories, 11.1 fat, 58.4 grams of protein, 1.3 carbs (no insulin for dinner!) and 0 fiber.


Stats for Today:

  • 1251 calories
  • 62 fat
  • 101 protein
  • 67 carbs
  • 9.4 fiber (not enough!)
  • 43% of calories were from fat
  • no exercise (but I did clean my closet! :D)

Joe is coming over for football tomorrow – I need to get my picks in.  We are doing a confidence pool and low and behold guess who came in first last week – me!  The boys will be having steak tartar for an appetizer, then cheezy beef and sausages for the entree.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday – see you tomorrow night!  😀