An impromptu dinner out last night, with stuff to watch on the DVR got in the way of me posting last night!

So yesterday, I woke up early to make my purple cauliflower mac n cheese – and decided to take advantage of a flyer I saw about a cafe in our building who was now offering an oatmeal bar.

I walked in, and said “I’d like to order the breakfast bar.”  He clerk reached under a shelf, pulled out a Quaker plain instant oatmeal, added water and pointed me in the direction of the “oatmeal bar.”  My choices?  Brown sugar, slivered almonds and raisins.  That’s it – and it cost $2.75!   I could have bought a whole box of oatmeal for that amount of $$!


I went down to the gym to work out today, as my friends couldn’t walk.  I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, did about 5 minutes of abs and was about to do the row machine, when I could feel my blood sugar hit the floor!  Sure enough, when I got back to my desk, this is what I saw!


So I quickly ate two of these – OMG – so good!


I know people have been waiting with baited breath for my purple mac n cheese recipe, but I am not posting the recipe yet because its a work in progress.  I think my mistake was using these noodles – each 2 ounce serving contains 12 grams of fiber!  The result was almost cardboard like taste!


On the side I had red and green peppers, a big carrot, drizzled with light caeser dressing:


So my friend Renee at work told me she went to the BEST Chinese restaurant the other night.  I told Tony about it, and when I walked in the door he’s like “we should check it out!”  A good Chinese restaurant is hard to find these days, and we only have decent ones in our surrounding town.  It was a bit of a drive, but we figured it was worth it.  But it wasn’t!  All three of our meals were so void of flavor, and my dish had a dragon’s mouth next to it to let me know its extra spicy!  Um, not so much!  And Hannah’s fried rice was dry, as if it had been reused or sitting around since 9:00 in the morning.  Tony’s dish was pretty good – it was a fried breaded chicken dinner – the sauce on the top was delicious, but that was the only shining star of the evening – a tiny bit of sauce!



I got the Bird of Paradise, because I couldn’t figure out what meat I wanted to I got them all!  Spicy garlic sauce?  Nope!



I also got an eggroll – and its the most unusual egg roll ever – the inside was JUST cabbage wrapped and deep fried.  Also flavorless – although I gave 1/4 of it Tony and we both liked the fact that it wasn’t too greasy.


I also had a couple of these:


It’s so hard to figure out calories at a restaurant – especially a Chinese place, so I am guestimating that with beer, my dinner was around 800 calories, 22 fat and 80 carbs.

Stats for Thursday:

  • 1494 calories
  • 62 fat
  • 28 protein
  • 183 carbs
  • 25.9 fiber
  • 36% of calories from fat
  • 35 minute elliptical
  • 5 minute abs

I think this week went by fast!  Happy Friday and I’ll see you tonight! 😀